#BookGiveaway #Excerpt 3 from TAKEN BY PASSION: KING OF HEARTS

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Jarronn was the High King, something that hadn’t quite sunk in before. Wow. Somehow it was even more arousing to know that the High King had been turned on by plump Alice O’Brien. Was that true? Or had it been her oversexed imagination wanting it to be so? The doubts crowded her brain like bees clustered in a hive.

A rumbling sound, like a river, met Alice’s ears, drawing her attention as Kalina led her through an archway. She pushed aside thoughts of Tarok’s gorgeous kings as she and Kalina walked into the night, onto a wide stone path and into an exotic jungle kissed by bright golden moonlight. The further she walked, the more she was certain she heard a waterfall.

Alice breathed out a sound of admiration and wonder as her gaze traveled over lush palm-like trees waving in a warm, moist, and gentle wind. The breeze caught their hair, and one of Kalina’s locks brushed across Alice’s face, and then fell away.

In the glowing night, Alice felt exhilarated and wanton, her well-oiled and orange blossom-scented body caressed by the air, her long blonde hair brushing the tops of her breasts.

Their bare feet padded softly over the flagstone path as they neared a series of large tiered pools carved into rock. The waterfall Alice had heard when they entered the jungle fed into the topmost pool, which in turn spilled into the three pools below it. Each pool glowed a golden emerald green as if lights were beneath the surface.

Smells of water, along with tropical scents of orchids and rich, moist earth, filled Alice’s senses. “This is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

When they reached the bottommost pool, they stepped onto soft grass and then Kalina released Alice’s hand. It was dark in this place, yet the moonlight made everything easy to see.

A monkey’s shriek echoed throughout the jungle, followed by the rumbling growl of a large predator, like the tigers Alice had seen in Las Vegas. She shivered and her gaze cut to Kalina.

The woman didn’t appear frightened at all. Just the opposite, in fact. Her chin was tilted up, her chest rising and falling with the strength of her breathing. A fine layer of perspiration shimmered on her fair skin, and her kohl-lined eyes were heavy lidded as she gazed into the jungle.

Alice followed Kalina’s gaze and sucked in her breath, ready to let loose with a scream.

A white tiger walked toward them, its ice-green eyes focused on Alice. The eyes seemed somehow familiar, but fear caused her skin to tighten and her belly to clench.

Only the feel of Kalina’s hand clasping her forearm and the woman’s reassuring murmur of, “Watch him, Alice,” kept Alice from yelling her head off in terror.

Him. Kalina had called the big, scary monster of a cat “him” like he was the prime minister or a king.

The beast’s glossy white-and-black-striped coat rippled beneath the moonlight as every smooth step brought him closer. His movements were fluid and almost sensuous, and so beautiful he was absolutely breathtaking. As he neared them, Alice noticed the stripe on his upper left leg was actually in a familiar shape. It looked like the heart tattoo on Jarronn’s left biceps.

And then the tiger was growing—changing, morphing, right before Alice’s eyes.

It happened so fast Alice didn’t know whether to scream or cry out in amazement, or faint. One minute she’d been looking at a tiger, and in the next she was face-to-face with Jarronn.

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  1. I read this series when it was first published, then bought it again when it went to the new paperback under Jaymie Holland and again when it went to ebook with the expanded stories. So I think that means I really, really, really liked them 🙂


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