Saturday is Sexy: Five of the Sexiest Crime Solvers on TV

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Of course today, Saturday is incredibly sexy!

There’s nothing like a sexy law enforcement officer or crime solver to get the blood stirring… Especially these five picked just for you…

Shemar Moore_Criminal Minds

Special Agent Derek Morgan/Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds)

Special Agent Derek Morgan/Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds). As a member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, Derek Morgan’s job is to stop serial killers. Luckily, Derek can stop the bad guys wearing tight V-Neck T-Shirts that his ripped arms and muscular chest fill out nicely.

There’s much more to Derek than eye candy–his past makes it difficult for him to trust, but once you earn his trust, he is loyal to a fault. His ripped body comes from his football playing days at Northwestern University, however Derek isn’t the typical jock. Sensitive and good with kids, he is often tasked with interviewing child witness or victims.. He is also a bit of a prankster, and constantly enjoys making the team laugh in order to distract them from the horrible things they see on a day-to-day basis.

Sherlock Holmes/Jonny Lee Miller (Elementary)

Sherlock Holmes/Jonny Lee Miller (Elementary)

Sherlock Holmes/Jonny Lee Miller (Elementary). Physically, Sherlock Holmes has it all: the accent, the eyes, and the ability to turn a tweed jacket into something sexy.

After being betrayed by his ex-girlfriend, who turned out to be a criminal genius, Holmes developed a drinking problem and was sent to America to rehab with none other than the American Dr. Watson (Lucy Lu).

Clean and sober, Holmes is making a real effort to overcome his demons and use his powers of deduction to keep the public safe. Brilliant, but a little rough around the edges, Sherlock Holmes has plenty to offer the girl willing to heal his broken heart and teach him learn to trust again.

Special Agent Seeley Booth/David Boreanaz (Bones)

Special Agent Seeley Booth/David Boreanaz (Bones)

Special Agent Seeley Booth/David Boreanaz (Bones). Other than the obvious physical features, the sexiest thing about Seeley is his confidence. Charming and friendly, Booth even manages to make his “cocky” belt buckle seem sexy.

This confident exterior hides a surprisingly tender man who enjoys spending time playing with his young children. After growing up in a broken home, Booth has developed a strong sense of family and was instrumental in repairing the relationship between his partner Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and her criminal father Max (Ryan O’Neal).

Despite this soft interior, Booth is undeniably confident about his sexuality, leading many a girl to wonder exactly who this complex man really is.

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo/Michael Weatherly, (NCIS)

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo/Michael Weatherly, (NCIS)

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo/Michael Weatherly, (NCIS). We wouldn’t kick him out of bed, but Tony’s real charm lies in his lighthearted sense humor, a trait that he sorely needs in a profession dealing with murderers.

Self-deprecating and almost always cheerful, DiNozzo is playful with the entire team and has even managed to make the stoic Gibbs (Mark Harmon) smile on occasion.

Although he began the series as an objectifying misogynist, we have slowly seen Tony develop into a man capable of complex feelings and even love. Much of his humor is based around movies, so be prepared to curl up next to this hottie on the couch and pop in a DVD.

Patrick Jane/Simon Baker, (The Mentalist)

Patrick Jane/Simon Baker, (The Mentalist)

Patrick Jane/Simon Baker, (The Mentalist). Jane’s bright smile and gorgeous blue eyes have allowed him to fool people his whole life, although after the death of his wife and daughter and subsequent nervous breakdown, Jane appears to have shifted to using his powers for good.

Although he often shows no empathy for victims or suspects, Jane’s true emotions show when he interacts with children; with kids, he shows the compassion and sympathy that is often missing in his interactions with adults.

Slowly recovering from his family’s death, Jane has recently developed a budding romance. His quick intelligence and deductive skills rival those of Sherlock Holmes.

Now, if only we could get them to meet….

I have two heartthrob favorites on this list–Michael and Shemar. Who are your favorite crime solvers on today’s Sexy Saturday?


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6 thoughts on “Saturday is Sexy: Five of the Sexiest Crime Solvers on TV

  1. Tough to choose but I have been following Simon for some time now in various projects and I like what I know about him and enjoyed the progression of his character on The Mentalist. Back in the day, eons ago, it would have been David when he was on Buffy because who doesn’t like the Bad Boy or want to be with the person you know you shouldn’t or can’t have?

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