BMG Heist: Meet Tina Gerow aka Cassie Ryan!

Hello everyone!And a huge thanks to Cheyenne for having me on the BMG Blog Takeover event. I was one of the original BMG’s (that feels like a nice way of saying I’m old…LOL!) and we are all VERY excited to have Cheyenne as one of us now. SHE HAS BEEN ASSIMILATED!


She and I were discussing when an author gets back really hard edits from a critique partner, editor or agent today. And I said it reminded me a LOT of giving birth…

when you see the file in your In Box (or mail box if you’re getting them in the old school paper format), it’s like finding out you’re pregnant. You know the pain is eventually coming, but you’re still excited and happy that someone read your work and was willing to take the time and effort to give you their true thoughts and feedback.

Then comes what I call the “Oh, crap!” moment when you open the file and scan for what the comments are and how extensive the edits are. It’s like when you think, “What did I get myself into here” when your body starts growing and you’re gaining weight, the boobs are sore as hell, the stretch marks set in, the heartburn rages, and you can no longer sleep comfortably. You start reading all the books on What to Expect When You’re Expecting and you realize you should’ve read THAT before you even had sex!! LOL…

I usually give it a few days to lick my “wounds” and let my writer’s ego recover before I dive in – that’s definitely the part of pregnancy where you’re getting used to waddling and having a “shelf” to rest your arm on in front of you and no longer are embarrassed by checking out at the grocery store with hemorrhoid cream, Bag Balm (which is GREAT for stretch marks, by the way!) and a full cheesecake…LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

Then when you sit down and finally dig in to start to incorporate those edits!! That’s the hard labor. It’s painful and stressful and feels like it’s never going to end. You keep wondering if the pain is going to kill you or at least damage you forever, but you keep on pushing through! But the difference is, as writers we aren’t offered an epidural or any pain meds!!

And THAT, my friends, is why writers drink!!!

You think I’m kidding…well…only a little…

For those of you who are writers AND have gone through labor, you’re probably nodding and not laughing…

So in memory of all types of our labors, I suggest a wonderful butterscotch martini to help ease the pain…


Recipe to come!

Drink, enjoy, relax….repeat ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’d like to check out my latest release now that you’ve seen some of the warped things that go on inside my mind…

Here it is:

My Obsession

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Cheyenne McCray is an award winning, New York Times and USA Today Best Selling author who is a rare native Arizonan but refuses to be put behind glass as an endangered species. In her spare time she loves to torture characters--whether they're misbehaving or notโ€”and kill off deserving individuals. She also totally gets off on blowing things up. All fictionally, of course. She'd rather chew glass than write sweet and sugary. Give her a hideous demon or particularly nasty villain to slay any day. Cheyenne enjoys creating stories of love, suspense, and redemptionโ€”in some cases. She enjoys building worlds her readers can get lost in. Hopefully they'll find their way out, but stranger things have been known to happen. If you would like to find out what odd and unusual things Cheyenne is up to these days, cruise her website any time, take a look at the bizarrely normal yet strange FAQs, and even drop her a line or two. Just not too hardโ€”those things hurt. You might even learn a few things about that kinky author, Jaymie Holland. (Just don't tell Cheyenne's mom.

16 thoughts on “BMG Heist: Meet Tina Gerow aka Cassie Ryan!

  1. Jennifer, it’s one of those things I’m glad I did back when I was 25 and resilient…lol… Absolutely adore my son, but glad I won’t be having any more. The next diaper I change will be on my future grand babies! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. hey, Tina! I agree with Analea and am awed at writers. As much as I like to to write, I don’t like it enough to make a career out of it so Kudos to all you gorgeous creatures of romantic, imaginary bliss!

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