Hunky Guys….because who doesn’t like eye candy?

Something most romance readers love is pictures of hunky guys.

So courtesy of the Butterscotch Martini Girls…here you go…

1 Jess Lawless  Jess Lawless is a VERY yummy cowboy!

David Tennant w scruffDavid Tennant with some sexy scruff!  He’s one of my faves…probably because he was the 10th Doctor Who and I’m a total Whovain!


GerardButlerGerard Butler – YUM!!

Ryan ReynoldsRyan Reynolds

So how do you like our hunk lineup?  Who are your favorites? Any you’d like included in our next set?



14 thoughts on “Hunky Guys….because who doesn’t like eye candy?

  1. Oh I do love the hunky eye candy and while from your list Gerard is my favorite (his my future baby daddy) I hate that pic because it’s not his body. He’s not that hairy though it does look good on him.

    To add to your eye candy file, you have GOT to check out Brock O’Hurn (has a FB page). If I could, I’d attach a pic (yes i have a file just for him). If you haven’t seen him yet, you’re welcome 🙂

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  2. There are so many I could list, for example, in one of my favorite T.V. series, Longmire, there is Robert Taylor and Bailey Chase. These are just two from one show. I also happen to admire Alex O’Loughlin from Hawaii Five 0. Maybe I have a thing for Australians, you think? As to your list, all sexy guys indeed. And I am a Dr. Who fan from back in the day (remember Jon Pertwee? he was my 1st doctor) and I agree that David Tennant has been the best doctor but I am not sure I would label him as “hunky”, he is a bit too slight of build. Regardless, I have had many a daydream about him not only in the Dr. Who role but others.

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