WINNERS CIRCLE…BMG Blog Heist Winners!

Below are the names of the winners from the Butterscotch Martini Girls Blog Heist this weekend.  Thanks to everyone who showed up to chat with us.  You made it a very fun event for all of us!

Please make sure your name is displayed correctly on this list if you are a winner.  If not, please send us a comment so we can make sure we get your prize to you.

Thanks again.  We look forward to hearing from you all again!

Kayce Lassiter

Laura Pincioteo
Maureen Brown
Shiree Meek-rot
Tammie Low
McKensie Lowe
Carol Barker
Cindy Shalbeck
Joanne Deveo
Joe Rosenblatt
Christy Wagner
Doreen Jones
Glenna Copen
Hannah Majda
Lynn Desrosiers
Michelle McCloud
Nina McCow
Patricia Gentry
Amanda LeFleur
Arleth Herandez
Cam Kennedy
Carmen Rosa
Tina Hairston
Henny Lowie
Julie Baker
Julie Bowers
Linda Andrews
Tammy Mitchell
Jane Bassett Nelson
Jennifer Santiago
Kallie Owen
Kim Schofield
Brickley Jules
Angel Shaw54
Anna Lea
Debbie Watson
Melissa Toppin
Penny Seed
Charlotte Chabu
Spirit of NLK
Pamela Miller
Valerie Miller
Click, click mycat
R. Ree
Ruth Atkins
Tara Shaw
Taylor Hodge
Tina McBride
Wendy Sharp
Christy Lendow
Lorraine Hill

13 thoughts on “WINNERS CIRCLE…BMG Blog Heist Winners!

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  3. So sorry for not leaving a thank you sooner – where does the time go???? I LOVE my box of goodies! So many cool gifts! The tote bag currently has yarn in it – it’s the perfect size. I will be reading Zack as soon as I complete the two afghan pattern tests I’m doing. Thank you again!


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