Tuesday #Teaser — “Wonderland Series” Taken by Passion: King of Hearts

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And here is your Tuesday Teaser!

This is one of my favorite novels, and one of my bestselling books. Taken by Passion: King of Hearts, it won the “RT Book Reviews Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Erotic Romance of the year.” Here’s a snippet:

Taken by Passion: King of Hearts is FREE at all your favorite ebook retailers!

Taken by Passion: King of Hearts

Jarronn stroked Alice’s long blonde tresses from her eyes. “You are lovely beyond any woman I have ever known,” he whispered, and her smile dimmed. He cupped her chin and frowned. “Why do you not see your own beauty?” Her lower lip trembled and he witnessed a thousand heart-wounds in her eyes. Anger at those who had hurt his future queen roared through him and he bit back a snarl of rage. Who dared to make his precious Alice feel as though she were anything but the beautiful, sensual woman he clearly recognized her to be?

Alice must have seen the fierceness in his eyes and thought his rage was directed at her. She swallowed, then hurried to answer. “I’m fat. I’m not slender and gorgeous like Kalina, or even my sister, Alexi.”

Jarronn had to rein in his anger. He stroked his knuckles down her cheek and she shuddered with obvious desire from the contact. “I do not understand,” he murmured. “You are so enchanting, your body so lovely, that I fail to see why you do not recognize your gifts.”

Pink tinted Alice’s cheeks. “Where I come from, a woman is only considered beautiful if she’s thin and has a perfect figure.”

“It is clear your world is not deserving of you.” He scowled at the thought of anyone treating his future queen with anything but the utmost respect and awe. “You are perfect,” he murmured, and before she could argue he lowered his head.

Wonderland series

Wonderland series

Another teaser from Taken by Passion: King of Hearts

A gust of wind stirred Alice’s long hair about her shoulders while she walked barefoot through the grass to the tree. She braced one hand against its rough, tattered bark and peered around its trunk.

A snow white, lop-eared rabbit. The bunny had bright pink eyes and a cute little pink nose that twitched as it looked up at her.

Alice smiled. It had to be someone’s pet—it definitely wasn’t the wild variety. “I’ll bet you’re lost, aren’t you, sweetie?” she murmured as she took a step forward. She hesitated and squinted. A white tiger?

The bunny morphed before her eyes into one of those huge rare white tigers she’d seen at a magic show in Las Vegas. At the Mirage, she thought. This bunny/white tiger was simply a mirage.

Okay, Alice, you’re hallucinating. Time to go visit the doctor. Or better yet, a shrink.

She started to back away from the figment of her imagination just as the ground gave out beneath her bare feet.

Terror ripped through her as she pitched into nothingness.

Alice screamed as she tumbled through air so thick it felt like pudding. Faster and faster she dropped through the black void. She couldn’t stop screaming, couldn’t stop falling. Her heart beat like it was going to come out of her chest as she fell and fell.

Bright light stabbed at her eyes, and then she slammed onto her back, on an unforgiving surface. Air whooshed from her lungs and pain shot through her head.

For the briefest of moments she thought she saw a massive white tiger peering down at her, but then it was gone.


TakenByPassion_small ClaimedByPleasure_small BoundByDesire_small KeptBySeduction_small

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