Tuesday’s Teaser! No Mercy from the Lawmen Box Set

Lawmen Box Set now available for a limited time for only $8.99!

Today our teaser is from NO MERCY, the second book in the “Lawmen” series!



Dylan lowered his head and slowly brought his mouth closer to Belle’s. “I’ve missed you so damned much.”

His kiss was slow and gentle, his lips moving over hers. He nipped at her lower lip, causing her to gasp. She remembered him being a good kisser, but now he kissed like a man with more experience, a man who took what he wanted.

A spike of jealousy shot through her at the thought of him being with other women. It was an irrational thought, but she felt it just the same. Even though she didn’t deserve it, she still wanted to be the only woman he’d ever loved, just like he was the only man she’d ever loved. Every man she’d dated over the years had paled in comparison to her memories of this man, even back when he was so much younger.

She slid her fingers over his cheek and moaned against his lips as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. He tasted so good, of the milkshake he’d been drinking and of the flavor that was uniquely Dylan.

His scent was so familiar, filling her like nothing ever had before. He smelled earthy and masculine, and she hadn’t realized how much she’d missed him until now. No, the truth was she hadn’t let herself think about how much she’d missed him, but her heart and soul always had.

A groan of need swelled inside her. She felt the dampness between her thighs, the ache growing ever more powerful.

He shifted, picking her up and settling her on his lap as he continued to kiss her. He slid his hand into her hair and pulled back so that he could kiss her neck. She gasped at the dominant move that was unfamiliar, but felt so right with him. It was like he was claiming her all over again.

Her chest rose and fell, and small sounds of need escaped her as he moved his mouth to her ear. He rubbed his stubble along her soft skin as he slid his lips to her throat and kissed his way to the hollow.

She inched her hands up his chest and wrapped her arms around his neck as she tilted her head back,

She slid off his lap and off the tailgate so that her feet hit the ground, and moved between his thighs.

He grasped her ass and pulled her close for another kiss. She leaned into him, sighing and sliding her hands to his huge biceps before skimming her fingers over his pectorals and then down the hard plane of his abs.

She liked the way he had filled out over the years, and loved touching him again. She moved her hands further down to his lap. A shiver of desire ran through her as found his belt buckle.

He captured her hands so quickly in his that he caught her off guard. He broke the kiss and braced his forehead against hers. “Don’t play with fire, sweetheart.”

She swallowed. “What if I want to?”

“No.” He said the word firmly. “When I take you, it’s not going to be out in the open at a teenage make out location. You deserved better than that.”

A warm flush traveled through her at his words, “When I take you.” But she’d wanted to give him something before telling him her secret. Once she told him, there no doubt wouldn’t be a next time.

With a sigh she broke free of his grip and wrapped her arms around his neck. “You always were the gentleman.”

He snorted. “Your memory is a little faulty. I seem to remember quite a few times when we went farther than we should have right here.”

She couldn’t help a laugh, but then she sobered. It was time—it wasn’t right to hold back any longer. He might not forgive her for hiding what she’d learned, but somehow she would convince him not to go after Harvey and kill him in retribution for his part in Dylan’s father’s death.

“I—I have something I need to tell you.” She bit her lower lip. “You are going to be so angry with me that you probably won’t want to see me ever again.”

His brow furrowed as he studied her. “You can’t imagine all of the things I’ve seen and heard, and even done over the years. I doubt you could say anything that would make me that upset with you.”

“You’ll change your mind.” She took a deep breath, trying to fight back tears that suddenly burned at the backs of her eyes. “My—”

An explosion rocked the night.

The ground trembled as a brilliant orange glow split the darkness.

Belle whirled around as a fireball reached for the sky.

I hope you enjoyed NO MERCY’s excerpt! You can find the box set for only $8.99:



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