Wednesday: What the %$!!? Tall, Dark, and Undercover…

A little look at being tall, dark, and undercover…


“2 Guns”: Denzel Washington (UC DEA Agent) and Mark Wahlberg (UC Special Forces officer)

The life of an undercover agent has to be fascinating in some ways, scary as hell in others, intriguing, and you know it’s absolutely no doubt hard work.

Let’s add sexy because what UC agent in romance isn’t?


Ok, so in “21 Jump Street” the guys are a little goofy–a lot goofy–but hey, it has Channing Tatum

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a UC who’s living on the edge? I have. Perhaps you are even thinking about writing a suspense or romantic suspense novel involving a UC. If so, you’ll need to know what he does on a daily basis.

As a reader, here are a few things you might think of when considering writing what it’s like to be tall, dark and undercover…


The most inconvenient aspect of being an undercover agent is that he must be available 24/7. He could disappear at any moment to report for an assignment, to investigate a case, or meet up with the bad guys.

Damn, that means the bed won’t be warm.


A high number undercover agents are probably single bachelors who haven’t established a family. Likely they don’t have time due to the fact that they’re away from home so much. TDU_the-departed

Score! He’s available!


Fitness must play a role in the life of an undercover agent. After all, he needs to be in great shape in order to chase the bad guys!


Not Dark. Bald. Bald is hot, especially when it’s Vin Diesel… and his UC role in Triple X

Whoa. Look at those biceps, and, um everything…


Undercover agents probably don’t have much time to cook gourmet meals, so they tend to eat on the go.

No cooking? A man after my own heart.



Daniel Craig as 007? Works for me!

If 007 has a glamorous undercover role, then it has to be, right? Never mind our current 007 isn’t dark and is a blond.

Tall, Blond, and Undercover is fine with me.


It goes without saying that Mr. TDorBandTallUC MUST kick ass on a regular basis.


Really, who cares if he’s not tall? Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible–I’m there.

Take for example Ethan Hunt. Now he is seriously Kickass. However, he’s not exactly tall–but who cares? It’s Ethan Hunt!!

So let’s think about it.

Tall–or Short–Dark–or Bald or Blond–and Undercover

Be still my beating heart.

The life of a UC is unique from other areas of law enforcement. If you want to learn more, do your research within the mystery/suspense/thriller genres, attend conferences, and interview people in the field. Fiction and non-fiction reads and research will give you a better look at the daily lives of UC agents.

But if you’re a reader, then this rather biased look into the life of an undercover agent might fit alongside what’s already in your imagination…


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