Sunday Guest Star: Calista Fox!

A super welcome to Sunday’s Guest Star: Calista Fox!

Calista Fox

Calista Fox

I’m so excited to be back here with Cheyenne and all of her fun fans! I was thrilled to unveil my last release WHAT LOLA WANTS to you all, and do the cover reveal for book two in that series—the Leave Your Shoes On series from Grand Central Publishing/Forever—WHAT MAXI NEEDS. Now, I’d like to share with you a sexy couple that fall in love under extremely dangerous circumstances. Please meet Ari & Dane—two very independent, career-driven people who spark from the beginning and can’t get enough of each other! Psst.. I also have another cover reveal for you, this time for book two in the BURNED DEEP trilogy, FLASH BURNED, and some giveaways!

Burned Deep

Burned Deep

“Hot. Thrilling. Dangerous.” —Cynthia Eden, New York Times & USA Today Best-selling Author

“There’s hot. And then there’s Calista Fox. Prepare to have your heart Burned Deep.” Erin Quinn, New York Times Best-selling Author

5 Stars from Affaire de Coeur Magazine—“…This reviewer seldom gives a full five stars, but this one deserves it.”

4.5 Stars & Reviewer Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews—“I fell in love with this book from the very first chapter. I was completely sad to see it end but loved the way it ended … I cannot wait until the next book in this series comes out…” M Whelehan

4 Stars from Romantic Times Book Reviews—“Fox’s new trilogy starts off with a bang… Fox paints an impressive picture of two individuals struggling to be honest with themselves and each other in the face of danger.” Donna M. Brown

“He demands that she face her intimacy issues, just as she forces him to reveal his secrets.” Kilts and Swords 

It was a little scary how my body trembled and my breathing wouldn’t return to normal. But I couldn’t escape the intensity of our desire for each other—and how vibrant and alive he made me feel. Like I’d merely existed before. Gotten by. Now I was acutely aware of my surroundings. Of myself. Of him. Of every sensation blazing inside me…

Ari DeMille has spent her life focusing on the details and planning down to the minute. Haunted by her parents’ ugly divorce, Ari believes the only way to prevent emotional scars is to always maintain control. But when the devastatingly handsome—and powerfully dominant—Dane Bax, her new boss, pushes Ari’s boundaries, she must learn to shatter the ties that bind her if she is to sate her newfound desires… But giving into insatiable lust comes with a price. Dane’s luxury hotel business is threatened by a consortium of dangerous men who threaten everything Ari holds close. And as the stakes are raised, Ari is treacherously close to losing all control of her life…and her heart.

From St. Martin’s Press—Preorder NOW! (Release date: Oct. 6, 2015)


Barnes & Noble


The quick setup: Ari DeMille is a wedding planner in Sedona, Arizona. Her most extravagant event is being held at a popular local resort. An outdoor affair during monsoon season. There’s a storm moving in and the groom and his men are…MIA! Ari tracks them down in the bar—only to stumble across three men who will forever change her life…

“How many has he had?” I asked Kyle.

“Going on his second one. Sean won’t slur his vows, I promise. Just needed a little fortification so he doesn’t sphincter up when the I now pronounce you man and wife part comes.” He winked. “Couple of wedding day jitters, that’s all. Nothing to worry about.”

“Hey, I love Meghan,” Sean assured us. “But come on—she’s only two months pregnant. What’s the rush?”

Kyle snickered. “You’re a lucky SOB and you know it. Meg’s a knockout and you’re marrying into a crazy-rich family. Too bad she doesn’t have a sister. But, hey, if I catch the garter, that means I’ll find my own pretty little love slave, right?” His gaze swept over me.

“Use a condom,” Sean lamented. “That’s all I’m saying, man.”

Kyle leaned in close—too close for comfort, making me flinch. I didn’t like anyone invading my personal space unless invited.

I sensed he was harmless, yet Kyle exuded enough self-confidence to convince me he had a way with the ladies. So my nerves jumped to attention when he gave me a suggestive look.

“I’d be your love slave,” he mused good-naturedly. “You can even tie me to the bedposts, if you want.”

“That’s, um…not really my thing.”

“You’re not married, are you, Ari? Or otherwise spoken for? ‘Cause there’s a whole night of dancing ahead of us—”

“Dude.” Sean fake-punched his best man in the arm. “She’s my wedding planner. Don’t hit on her. At. My. Wedding.

Kyle said, “Weddings are the perfect place to meet new women, amigo. And this one’s beautiful and smart. Possibly single. So why wouldn’t I find out if there’s something to pursue here?”

I suddenly felt another set of eyes on me. From behind. It was an eerie, unmistakable feeling.

As they bantered like I wasn’t standing next to them in earshot, I glanced over my shoulder. And lost my breath.

The argument faded into oblivion as my pulse echoed through me, drowning out all other sounds, thoughts, everything.

In the corner up front sat two men, paperwork sprawled across their table. One salt-and-pepper-haired, distinguished looking, older. The other dark-haired and dressed all in black—button-down shirt with sleeves rolled up to reveal impressive forearms, jeans and boots. Late twenties, maybe thirty. He had a very mysterious air about him, and he was staring at me.

Right at me.

His onyx hair was sexily tousled as though he’d just rolled out of bed with a woman who’d enjoyed mussing the thick, silky looking strands. His piercing green eyes held a hint of intrigue and a hell of a lot of don’t mess with me. Contradictory signals that sparked my interest.

His face was a chiseled masterpiece. He had strong features with a stone-set jaw, balanced brows, not too thick, not too thin, and a nose that might have been punched a time or two, given the slight bump close to the eyes, but which still managed to look specially crafted to keep harmony with all the sculpted angles. A mouth that easily drew my attention, my gaze lingering on it until I caught myself.

All in all, he was devilishly handsome. Darkly beautiful.

It struck me that I would never consider a man beautiful, thinking it would undermine his masculinity. Not so with this one. He was beautiful and virile. Downright heart-stopping.

I felt a peculiar stirring deep within me. An innate reaction to his edgy perfection.

It seemed as though the blood moved a bit slower through my veins. Thicker, warmer. Molten.

My gaze lifted, our eyes locked and I was riveted. Still couldn’t breathe.

Something flickered in those hypnotic emerald pools of his. Something curious like a warning to be heeded. Not menacing, but…definitely intimidating.

Unnerved and surprisingly, intensely aroused, I tore my gaze from the sexy stranger just as Grace brought my shot.

“So, bottoms up,” I said as I reached for the tequila, my voice a bit shaky from the unexpected encounter. I finally pulled in a long breath, then gave a quick toast, brevity being the order of the moment. “May the new Aldridge family be blessed with a lifetime of health and happiness.” We all touched rims and threw back the booze. Even the burn of alcohol couldn’t compete with the simmering inside me created by that heated gaze. But I had business to focus on and resisted the temptation to look over my shoulder again. “Okay, guys. Showtime.”

“Damn, you love to crack the whip.” Kyle chuckled. “Maybe you ought to rethink your stance on bondage.” He raised a hand as though to rest it at the small of my back and escort me out. I instinctively leapt a bit too far out his reach—and stumbled into a trio of men just coming through the door.

One of them caught me around the waist and held on tight. “Hey, hey there, pretty lady.”

Behind us, I heard the scrape on the stone floor as a chair shoved back. A powerful sense of awareness jolted me. I knew exactly who was about to intervene if anyone got too touchy-feely.

But why?

And here’s the cover reveal for book 2, FLASH BURNED! I think it’s darn pretty! 😉


Finally, what’s a blog visit without gifties??! I’m giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky commenter and two autographed, print ARCs for FLASH BURNED (U.S. delivery or the electronic version for international delivery). Please email me if I don’t email you first, once I’ve announced winners. Some emails are hard to track down! Not me! Calista(at)calistafox(dot)com

Happy October, everyone, and thanks for stopping by!


About Calista

Calista is a former PR professional, now writing fast-paced, steamy books to set your pulse racing! Her publishing houses include St. Martin’s Press, Grand Central Publishing and Harlequin. Her debut SMP trilogy opens with BURNED DEEP and concludes with a new book four, starring the trilogy’s secondary hero! She is an Amazon bestseller and has won many Reviewer’s and Reader’s Choice Awards, as well as Best Book Awards and other competitions with publication as first prize. Calista is a college graduate and teaches online writing classes. She is also a Past President/Advisor of the Phoenix chapter of the Romance Writers of America national organization. Visit her at:

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