Wednesday: What the %$!! happened? Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy

Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy

2014 EvanPuppiesMatthewMy over 6′ 20-year-old baby, Matthew. I’m not old enough to have a 20-year-old! Oh, wait. I’m 50 and I have a son who will be 28 next month. I guess I am old enough. 😉

This is my favorite pic. My grandson, Evan, is with his favorite uncle. Evan is pretending to be one of the puppies, and everyone looks thrilled but Matthew and Checkers.

Matthew has always loved bright colors and has worn all kinds of tie-dye shirts since he was somewhere around six. His dad and brothers wanted him to wear solid colors or black, and I said hey, let him be an individual. He likes bright colors, so as long as he wants to, he can wear whatever he wants.

The one he’s wearing in the pic is one of his subdued shirts. LOL. I didn’t know they made so many different types and colors of tie-dye shirts until I started searching for them to give him something fun to wear. There’s even a site,, where you can find some pretty cool shirts.


But no, he’s not a hippie. LOL.

He’s got a wicked sense of humor. His senior year, during Spirit Week, they had a tie-dye day and everyone wanted to know what he would wear.

He wore solid black.

Yes, that’s my son. LOL.

Happy Birthday, Matthew. If I could make a decent cake, I’d make you one of these. 🙂1_tiedyecake

I love you!


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2 thoughts on “Wednesday: What the %$!! happened? Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy

  1. God bless your tie dyed clad birthday boy today ! My eldest child (Dylan) will be 20 April 2016 . I cannot believe how fast it goes myself ! Hugs Hugs and most importantly HUGS !!!!!

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