Sexy Saturday: the Supernatural Hot Guy

Sexy Saturday: the Supernatural Hot Guy

This week, let’s focus on the next type of sexy man we are going to feature: the supernatural hot guy. He can be anyone from a superhero to a spaceship captain, but each has one thing in common: he can turn you on like no other. <Wicked Grin>

Since most supernatural heroes are larger than life (we hope!), it’s easy to spot the type of guy you are interested in. Check out the following supernatural hotties, and pick one (or more!) you like the most.

The Hero type:  2_thor-video-thumbThe hero has self confidence that at times can border on sexy cockiness. He generally possess a huge….set of muscles, and is focused on keeping you safe. The2_4532834-wolverine-soveiny hero isn’t even close to meek, and will have no trouble telling (or showing) how much he wants you.

2_captain americaThe Haunted Hero: The cocky hero often becomes the haunted hero when he suffers a loss of a lover or good friend. He blames himself for this loss, but the right woman can 2_batmannurse a haunted hero’s emotional health—so break out
your best nursing outfit. (Kinky!)

The Regular Guy: 
The regular guy doesn’t have any superpowers aside from being 2_starlordamazingly hot. He might have a great skill or two, but he’s basically just a normal guy doing his best to make the world a better place. The regular guy is the best of both worlds 2_kirkbecause he has sexy self-confidence, but underneath it all he has human emotions and depth. He often hides this through sarcasm, though, so be
prepared to engage in some banter.

 2_lokiThe Villain: There’s always the girl who likes the bad boys, and not just because villains in the supernatural universe tend to wear a lot of tight black leather (although that certainly helps!). The sexiest of these guys usually has a beef with the main protagonist and is seeking revenge. The villain has the most self-confidence and is convinced2_kahn his cause is righteous (not to mention his plan can never be foiled). The girl
who likes the villain is into excitement and living in the moment. Women hooking up with the villain shouldn’t stay too long though, since he’s usually caught

So what’s your favorite kind of supernatural hot guy?


DebbieAngel_MASTER_JPG_with name

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Cheyenne McCray is an award winning, New York Times and USA Today Best Selling author who is a rare native Arizonan but refuses to be put behind glass as an endangered species. In her spare time she loves to torture characters--whether they're misbehaving or not—and kill off deserving individuals. She also totally gets off on blowing things up. All fictionally, of course. She'd rather chew glass than write sweet and sugary. Give her a hideous demon or particularly nasty villain to slay any day. Cheyenne enjoys creating stories of love, suspense, and redemption—in some cases. She enjoys building worlds her readers can get lost in. Hopefully they'll find their way out, but stranger things have been known to happen. If you would like to find out what odd and unusual things Cheyenne is up to these days, cruise her website any time, take a look at the bizarrely normal yet strange FAQs, and even drop her a line or two. Just not too hard—those things hurt. You might even learn a few things about that kinky author, Jaymie Holland. (Just don't tell Cheyenne's mom.

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