Taboo Series


Taboo Box SetNine tantalizing and sinfully decadent bites for you to enjoy! All of the Taboo series stories are here, including all stories from the “Playing Rough” collection, all stories from the “Taboo Desires” collection, and all stories from the “Wicked Nights” collection.

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Please Note: this collection features three previously published novellas: Taking it Home, Alluring Stranger, and Losing Control.

Taking it Home

Wicked NightsJett gets more than she bargains for when the fixit-man arrives to make a few repairs. When she sees Noah on her doorstep instead of her usual handyman, Jett starts to imagine all kinds of ways this man could be handy. Noah is blown away by the dark haired beauty. When Jett makes it clear she wants him, Noah breaks a taboo and takes on his employer, showing her exactly how handy he can be.

Losing Control

Casey Sanders shows up to the party in her tight latex costume and finds herself overwhelmingly attracted and intrigued by Adam, a mystery man hidden behind a leather mask. She becomes enthralled by him and before she has time to think, she finds herself in his home and on her knees. But it’s not enough. Adam plans on more than one night with Casey…now all he has to do is convince her.

Alluring Stranger

Stevie gave online dating a try and found the man of her dreams, but he lives across the U.S. She spends time with Seth on webcam, stripping for him and telling him her sexual fantasies. He says he’ll fulfill her fantasy of a man coming into her home at night, but he’s so far away, he likely couldn’t pull it off. One night Stevie wakes up–a masked man is in her bed and a night of erotic thrills begins.

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Roughing It

Taboo: Playing RoughWhen Kayla Knoll breaks down in the mountains between Denver and San Francisco, she never expects to be rescued by someone like the sexy Tate Branson. When she finds out she’s stuck without a car for the weekend, thanks to a mechanic who has left the small town for a couple of days, she takes Tate up on his offer to join him camping.

Tate Branson didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he picks Kayla up on the side of the road and then extending an invitation to her. She is a beautiful woman—who has a thing for tying up strong, powerful men.

Tate turns the tables on Kayla and she becomes the one in bonds and he’s the one with the control.

The Boss

Tanya James has been in love with and in lust with her boss from the moment he started the company, just three months ago. As his executive assistant she is privy to a lot of personal information. What she doesn’t expect to see are bondage pictures on his computer. Bound women in different positions, women submitting to men. It surprises her how much it turns her on and how much more she wants her boss, and she wants him to do what is being done to the women in the pictures.

Austin Graham has to hold himself back from showing his assistant how much he wants her. No employee relationships are allowed in the company or he could lose his job. That doesn’t stop him from wanting, desiring, and fantasizing about the lovely Tanya.

One night that all goes to hell when Austin and Tanya meet at a bar. Their game of true confessions goes a little too far and she ends up going home with him, giving a whole ‘nother meaning to boss and assistant relationship.

Tanya learns all about what it’s like for a man to take control of her, to submit to him in every way. And when the sun comes up, she wants it to never end.


Rachelle Derry has secret fantasies that no one knows about until she meets Chase. She tells him how fascinated she is in kink from all of the books she’s read. She wants to try it and she wants Chase to be the man who takes control.

Chase McAllister has a hard time holding Rachelle back. As much as he loves kink, he doesn’t want to rush into anything. He wants to get to know her better and to allow her to trust him. Because BDSM and the trust that is required, often creates strong emotional attachment.

When Chase finally makes her fantasies come true, “playing” is better than she ever imagined. While she’s having fun, he wants to play for keeps.

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What do a voyeur, a bad boy, and a fireman all have in common… Taboo Desires.

Take a Peek

Taboo DesiresSara Richards loves to be watched. Nightly she undresses in front of her window knowing that her mysterious neighbor is watching. The thrill it gives her is intoxicating. She decides to up the excitement a notch by bringing in a lover who takes her in front of the window. Sara loves knowing the neighbor is watching her with another man.

Reid Jackman can’t get over the fact that he’s become a peeping Tom. A freaking peeping Tom. But he can’t stop watching the woman next door, can’t take his eyes off of the little exhibitionist who dresses in the sexiest outfits and lingerie and then she strips for him. But when she brings in another man, it takes things to a whole new level.

Sara decides she has to see her mysterious man and she practically stalks him. Once she gets a good look at the hot and sexy Reid, she decides she has to have him.

When Sara and Reid finally meet, it’s explosive and they can’t get enough of each other. They find out how exciting exhibitionism can be when they do it together as they make of game of finding unusual public places to show off together. They have an exciting start to their relationship in a park where they are almost arrested, and end up on an erotic New Orleans trip that neither will ever forget.

Now all Reid has to do is show Sara that they are the perfect match.

Wicked Night

Kerri Walker is slender, beautiful, and sophisticated. Ten years after graduating, she’s a long way from the overweight girl with bad skin. Despite not wanting to go to her ten-year class reunion, her best friend convinces her.

When Kerri gets to the reunion she sees Levi Ross, San Diego High’s former resident bad boy. Little did he know, she had a crush on him for years. He’s even better looking as a grown man, hotter and sexier.

Levi spots Kerri right away. Other classmates might not recognize her, but he’d never forgotten the shy girl who had wanted nothing to do with him in high school. He intends to do what he should have done ten years ago and make her his.

Kerri can’t believe the bad boy wants her. And she can’t believe she can’t say no when Levi takes her out on his Ducati. She finds herself pulled over on a quiet night under the stars. t isn’t long before she and Levi are finding a whole new use for the motorcycle… And making it a wicked night.

Hot Stuff

When Chelsea Miller burned up her kitchen, she didn’t realize she’d be burning up the sheets with one sexy firefighter.

Lieutenant Mark Carson never expected to meet a green-eyed schoolteacher in skimpy lingerie who was hotter than the fire they were fighting. The kitchen flames were put out, but neither Mark nor Chelsea wanted to extinguish the fire between them.

He never planned on meeting a woman with the kinds of desires Chelsea has. Her desire to have him restrained in her bed only feeds the flames between them. He loves her intensity and intends to turn the tables on her and take control the next time around.

Neither of them planned on being in the back seat of the cab of a fire truck having sex when alarm bells go off.

Top the whole thing off with some whipped cream and a cherry on one hot firefighter…and you have some hot stuff!

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