Hidden Prey is Out!

So excited to have Hidden Prey out with Totally Bound! The “Deadly Intent” series is set in my home town and the surrounding area. 🙂

Order your copy from your favorite retailer here!

I hope you enjoy reading Hidden Prey as much as I enjoyed writing it!


ALEX: Armed and Dangerous available now! #eBook #Print #Excerpt

Tuesday Teasers is also release day this week!

ALEX is available today! Don’t miss the excerpt below!


**Author note below

An Armed and Dangerous novella: When Nicole Landford makes a bet with her cousins to go after the first man who “trips her trigger,” little does she know that she’s in for the ride of her life. Unfortunately it’s with the last man on earth she wants to be with.

Alex Grand’s had his eye on Nicole for years. Now that he’s got her attention, he’s got more than his hands full with the wild thing who claims her heart is not up for grabs. But Alex intends to tame Nicole’s wild heart and make the woman his for keeps.

**Please note: “Alex” is a spinoff novella from “Kade,” an Armed and Dangerous novel. “Alex” was originally published in eBook in the “Hearts are Wild” anthology with Ellora’s Cave under the title “Wild Hearts”. Alex’s first name has been changed due to changes made at the request of St. Martin’s Press for the other novels in the series. Alex isn’t armed, but he is dangerous… Fair warning: “Alex” is far more erotic than the Armed and Dangerous novels!

Here’s an excerpt just for you!

PLEASE NOTE: This excerpt has been tamed down a bit for this blog. Fair warning: ALEX is anything but tame. Be prepared to have a nice cool drink with you when you read this novella!

“Damn it.” Nicole Landford propped her hands on her full hips and scowled. “You have some nerve up and dying on me out here in the middle of nowhere.”

With all her pent-up frustration, Nicole kicked the tire of her red ‘63 Corvette with the toe of her four-inch heel and winced. She had only managed to hurt her big toe, not to mention scuffing the bluish-green shoe that matched her mini-dress and the unusual shade of her eyes.

The ‘vette ignored her tirade as steam continued to hiss from beneath the hood. An acrid burnt rubber stench rose up in the air, along with the smell of radiator fluid. Heat rolled over Nicole in waves, adding to the perspiration already beading on her face. Why couldn’t the damn thing have died in Douglas, or even Bisbee? At least then she’d have been near a phone. And of course, actually bringing her cell phone would have been a stroke of genius.

With an irritated sigh, Nicole shoved her long blonde hair out of her face with one hand and looked around at the endless miles of ranch land. If she had been on a highway, she could have stuck out one bare leg, hitched up the miniskirt of her backless dress, and flagged down some gorgeous man. Oh, hell, any man would do, so long as she could get to Dee MacLeod’s house.

But here she was on a dirt road and she’d taken one hell of a wrong turn. That’s what she got for not paying attention. Instead of ending up at least on the road to the Flying M, the MacLeod Ranch, she was stuck out here with nothing around her but dirt, grass, barbed wire fences, and cattle. It was a hot, muggy, and overcast late August afternoon, and more sweat dripped down the side of her face. Thunderclouds were building up to the south and she could smell the promise of a monsoon storm that could come out of nowhere in a hurry.

That would be the icing on her cake.

Off in the distance Nicole could see Alex Grand’s ranch, but she was in no mood to mess with that cowboy, no matter how sexy the man was. She and Alex had been butting heads since elementary school, and all she needed was another confrontation with him. They never had seen eye to eye on anything, and the man always seemed amused by their arguing. No, she didn’t have time for him.

Especially not when she was a woman on a mission.

A few days ago, Nicole and her cousins Lily and Sabrina had made a pact. The first man who “tripped her trigger”, as Sabrina had said, was the man Nicole had to go all-out for, no matter what or who. Wild and crazy sex, and as much of it as possible. For one month and one month only.

They had made a bet and damned if Nicole was going to be the one to lose out on it. Out of all three cousins, Nicole was the one who had no reservations about enjoying sex with the men she chose to date. She was a free spirit—no emotional ties. All she ever looked for was a good time. Her cousins were more reserved—especially Lily, who probably hadn’t been laid for years.

Nicole intended to make good on the bet. Only problem was, she had yet to find a single man who even interested her. It had been a few days since they’d made the pact after Aunt Viv’s fifty-fifth birthday celebration, and Nicole had no prospects on the horizon.

To try and stir up some action, before her damn car had died on her, Nicole had been on her way to the MacLeod Ranch where her friend Trace was visiting from Texas. Trace was happily married now to a sexy cowboy named Jess Lawless, but she was going to buddy up with Nicole, along with the sheriff’s wife, Catie Savage. The three planned to head over to Sierra Vista to one of the local hot spots so that Nicole could find a man who turned her on enough to pursue a romp in the hay with. There were plenty of hot Border Patrol and Customs agents in the area, as well as sexy military men from Ft. Huachuca, not to mention some damn fine ranchers. All Nicole had to do was find one who made her hot and go for it.

But first she had to get there.

“Okay, you piece of—of…” Nicole went around to the front of the car, tried to pop the hood, and snatched back her hand. The damn thing was boiling hot.

She gave another frustrated sigh, but this time in deference to her pride and joy. “I’m sorry, baby. I love you and I shouldn’t get so mad.” Hell, she and her cherry red ‘vette had been through a lot together, so what was a little breakdown now and again?

The low of a cow from the other side of the barbed wire fence drew Nicole’s attention and wrath instead. “Beat it, you slobber-mouthed beast.”

The white-faced Hereford just chewed her cud as she studied Nicole with her big brown eyes, and then turned away. The muggy Arizona summer afternoon intensified the smell of the cow and the dust her hooves kicked up. More cattle plodded by at a slow and easy pace, eating snatches of grass, green from recent monsoon rains. Occasionally, they gave a loud “moo”. Two calves bawled and poked their faces through the fence, before their mothers nudged them along.

Nicole glanced to the south again. It would be her luck for the storm to rain on her parade. Not that it would matter now. Her blonde hair was wilting fast, her makeup running down her face, and her dress rumpling in the humidity.

So much for “dry heat”.

After a few moments, the steam lessened. Nicole used a cloth from the backseat of her car to pop the hood and then prop it up. She tossed the cloth on the fender, folded her arms beneath her generous cleavage and glared at the radiator, which probably needed to be replaced. It wasn’t easy finding parts for a car over forty years old.

She stomped away, as best she could in those four-inch heels she used to love—

And felt something warm and wet squish around her foot.

With a groan she looked down, knowing what she’d see. She had managed to step into a nice, big, smelly, fresh pile of cow manure.

Great. Just great.

Nicole almost ripped both her heels off and threw them over the fence at the cattle and said to hell with it. Instead she took a deep breath and turned her gaze to the cloudy sky. “Are you out to get me?”

Thunder rumbled in the distance. Wind picked up and lifted her damp hair from her shoulders. Well, there was her answer.

She groaned and wiped off the manure on a clump of grass. So much for those heels.

When her shoe was mostly de-crapified, she leaned in the ‘vette’s open window and snatched the keys out of the ignition. She rounded the car, opened the trunk, and grabbed a new jug of radiator fluid. As she started to shut the lid, her keys slipped out of her hand and into the trunk.

“No!” she shouted, dropping the jug and leaping to stop the trunk lid.

Her keys clanked at the bottom of the trunk. The lid thunked shut.

Nicole groaned and flattened her palms against the sun-warmed car. “Shit. Shitshitshitshitshit!”

Before she realized what was happening, large male hands were on either side of hers, braced on the trunk lid, and a very big male body virtually surrounded her.

Nicole froze. Her heart started to pound like a cattle stampede.

“Now, hon—” came Alex Grand’s low drawl, “—you really ought to watch your language.”

For a moment her body sagged, she was so thankful it wasn’t some rapist who had snuck up on her. But in the next second she gritted her teeth, pissed it was Alex and that he had scared her like he had.

She tried to twist away but he had her blocked with his powerful arms. She clenched her hands into fists. “I’m in no mood for your bullshit, Alex Grand.”

Just as she was about to try to push back and shove him off, he leaned in close, his body pressed against hers. She could feel his heat, the rough denim of his shirt against her bare back, his jeans through the thin material covering her ass. She could smell his masculine scent of sweat, horse, and summer wind.

“Now what are you in the mood for, Nicole Landford?” he asked in a low rumble that vibrated throughout her body and made the hairs on her nape stand on end. A thrill zipped straight to her belly.

Alex Grand had tripped her trigger.

“Not you.” She slumped forward, buried her face in her arms on the trunk lid, and her words came out muffled. “I don’t care. Not you. Not in a million years. Oh, shit.”

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Freebie Friday! #freebooks #bookgiveaway

It’s time for Freebie Friday! #freebooks #bookgiveaway

ZACK_ST.MsCOVERI missed last week, so I’m going to double up this week! I’ll be giving away 2 copies of ZACK: Armed and Dangerous, in the St. Martin’s Griffin print version.

For fun, this time to enter, answer the following question:

What do you love about cowboys?

I’ll do another random drawing and you’ll have an opportunity to win a signed print copy of ZACK!

Armed and Dangerous! ZACK, LUKE, CLAY, and KADE are available now. ALEX will be here 11/3!

Armed and Dangerous! ZACK, LUKE, CLAY, and KADE are available now. ALEX will be here 11/3!

Hope you all have had a fantastic week and that your weekend is going to be even better!


Teaser Tuesday! An excerpt from Point Blank

PointBlank_300An excerpt from Point Blank of the Lawmen series

Brooks took the butterfly and set it on the round coffee table before he reached behind Natasha’s head. His touch was simply erotic as he pulled her loose braid completely apart. He slipped his fingers into her hair and cupped the back of her head.

He didn’t seem inclined to break the kiss. Instead, he deepened it until her mind was flying and her thoughts and hormones threatening to spin out of control. But it was clear he was fully in control and he was going to hold her together despite the circumstances.

Circumstances that right now started to slip away to the back of her consciousness.

His stubble was harsh, abrading her skin until it felt raw. Somehow every brush, every touch, made her come alive in ways she hadn’t felt in a long time. If she was honest with herself, he made her feel in ways she’d never felt before.

He slid his hand from her hair, trailing his fingers along the side of her neck to her throat. He skimmed her breast, the light touch through her flannel shirt sending tingles through her. She caught her breath when he cupped her breast. Even through the light flannel she could feel it as if the shirt wasn’t there, and more tingles shot straight through her.

His lips were firm yet soft. He broke the kiss and nibbled and kissed his way to her breast. She held her breath as he undid the top three buttons of her shirt. He pushed it aside, exposing her pink lace bra.

She cried out and slid her fingers into his hair when he wet the lace with his tongue. She arched her back and held his head to her breast.

Her body was on fire, her hips squirming. He slid her onto his lap, and she saw him wince and remembered his injured thigh. Still, he shifted her so he could suck her the pink lace of her bra. A moan rose inside her and escaped in a loud sound that spoke of how much she wanted him.

“I need you, Brooks.” Her voice was shaky. “Now. Please.”

He scooped her up, one arm beneath her knees, and one around her waist. He rose to his feet, easily bringing her up with him. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he started back toward the room they’d come from.

“Your room through here?” He carried her in that direction even as he spoke.

She kissed the line of his jaw as he entered the room. “First door on the left.”

He turned and swept her through the open door of her bedroom and carried her to the queen-sized bed. He set her on her feet beside the bed and he glanced to the window, which was covered by closed dark blue curtains. He turned his attention back to her and kissed her before raising his head.

“Are you sure, baby?” He ran his hands up and down her arms. “You regretted it the last time. No regrets allowed this time.”

“I didn’t regret our night.” She swallowed. “I was terrified that Mark would find out or already knew. I think if it wasn’t for the circumstances, things would have been a lot different.”

“In what way?” Brooks held her to him, their bodies pressed together. It was clear he was aroused, but he wasn’t acting on it in this moment.

She searched his gaze. “I think we would have eventually ended up in bed together, but in a much better situation.”

He smiled gently. “I think you’re right.”

She rose onto the toes of her Keds and kissed him again. He unbuttoned her shirt the rest of the way as they kissed and pushed it over her shoulders. She let it slide down her arms and fall behind her. She toed off her shoes and kicked them aside. He reached around her and unfastened her bra, and she helped him pull the pink lace down her arms and it dropped to the floor.

Point Blank


Don’t miss the Lawmen Box Set along with Point Blank!


DebbieAngel_MASTER_JPG_with name

Friday Freebie…KADE: Armed and Dangerous! #bookgiveaway

KADE: Armed and Dangerous is available now! #eBook #Print #Excerpt #bookgiveaway

Originally titled “Wild Borders,” KADE was the first romance I wrote. It was published after the other books in the series, but it is one of my favorite books. Kelsey has bits of me in her. A struggle with self-confidence and body image. She’s strong but a little on the shy side at times.

Kelsey was married to a verbally and emotionally abusive man, but Kade shows herjust how special she is. He’s strong and sexy and the kind of man Kelsey deserves.

I hope you enjoy reading KADE as much as I enjoyed writing the book!

Don’t miss the excerpt!


**Author note below

After a bitter divorce, reporter Kelsey Nichols has erected a border around her heart too strong for any man to cross. She’s not ready for a relationship of any kind with any man. But when Kelsey meets Kade she can think of nothing but being in his powerful arms.

Intelligence Agent Kade Owen is hot on the trail of a notorious smuggler when the sensual blonde reporter comes into his life. Once he gets a hold of Kelsey, nothing will stop Kade from winning her heart.

**Please note: “Kade” was published in print only with St. Martin’s Griffin. “Kade” was originally published in eBook and print with Ellora’s Cave under the title “Wild Borders”. Character names were changed at St. Martin’s request.


Here’s an excerpt of KADE just for you!

“I want to see you again.” Kade flicked on a light as he drew Kelsey through the door, and it slammed shut behind her.

Her throat tightened and went as dry as the Arizona desert. “I—I…”

But her words vanished, her mind blank, as Kade took her face in his palms and captured her gaze with his.

“Kade, I—” But she no longer knew the meaning of up or down, and she melted against him, wanting him. His earthy scent intoxicated her, filling her senses, confusing her beyond the effects of the alcohol.

“Darlin’, what you do to me,” Kade said against her lips. “Let me taste you.”

“Yes,” she whispered.

He brushed his lips over hers. Just a whisper kiss. The light touch of his lips and the feel of his fingers on her skin made her nipples ache. A wave of longing crested, then crashed within her soul.

She pressed herself closer to him and heard a soft moan.

Coming from her.

The tip of his tongue outlined her bottom lip, a feather caress that sent desire spiraling within. She parted her lips and his tongue met hers, a velvet softness that she savored like golden honey. “You taste so good,” he murmured.

Citrus from the margarita was still sweet on his tongue and she wrapped her arms around his neck as their kiss deepened. She smelled the light apple fragrance of his hair and slid her fingers into the soft strands, knocking his cowboy hat off.

With a jolt, Kelsey became aware of Kade’s erection against her belly. A voice inside her shouted, telling her she couldn’t go any further. Not with someone she barely knew. But her mind and body refused to listen.

As if he heard her thoughts, he let out a ragged breath and stepped back, leaving her feeling almost empty. Alone.

Kade traced one finger along her cheekbone and she shuddered with longing. “Say you’ll see me again.”

He looked so handsome, his chestnut hair in disarray, passion in his eyes.

“I—I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” It took all her willpower not to throw her arms around him and tell him to spend the night. She had never been with a man other than Davis in a sexual way, and it frightened her how much she wanted Kade.

Right here. Right now.

Kade caught both her hands in his. “Have breakfast with me.”

She shook her head. “I have a meeting, and then I’m going out of town.”

He brought her hands to his mouth and trailed his lips over her knuckles, sending shivers throughout her, those intense blue eyes never leaving hers. “How do I reach you?”

Trying to regain even a modicum of self-control, Kelsey freed her hands and absently rubbed the scar on her upper thigh through the material of her dress. “I’ll sleep on it. If I see you before I leave, I’ll let you know.”

“All right.” He kissed her again, a soft, lingering kiss. He smiled and caressed her cheek, then turned and slipped out the door.

And she was really alone then.

Dazed, Kelsey moved toward the bed and almost tripped over Kade’s cowboy hat. She picked it up, wondering if she should take it to him.

No. Tomorrow morning would be soon enough.

Kelsey ran a shaking hand through her hair. What had she just done? She’d experienced the most incredible kiss of her life—from a virtual stranger.

She sat on the edge of the bed, then flopped onto her back, Kade’s hat still cradled to her chest. She inhaled deeply, drinking in the intoxicating smell of him that clung to the felt Stetson. That masculine scent that made her ache for him.

What would it have been like to make love to Kade? The thought caused a thrill to skip around in her belly.

Kelsey closed her eyes, still holding Kade’s hat close to her chest. She imagined actually letting herself go and being with that tall, dark, sexy cowboy who managed to break through the ice of resistance coating her heart and soul since her divorce. She couldn’t let him all the way in, but it wouldn’t hurt to fantasize about him, right?

Heat filled her body and her cheeks flushed. No, that was ridiculous.

Still clutching Kade’s Stetson, she slipped into a restless sleep and dreamed of cowboys, mustangs, and the Arizona desert.

<<EDITED>> Forgot to include the prize!ZACK_ST.MsCOVER

One lucky, randomly drawn winner will receive a print copy of ZACK  with the St. Martin’s cover. 🙂

Good luck!


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ZACK: Armed and Dangerous #FREE #Cowboy for 4 days only!

Today’s Saturday is Sexy has been hijacked by a #Freebie for everyone!

I’m excited to announce that ZACK from the “Armed & Dangerous” series is FREE from Sept. 26th to the 29th! Be sure and get your copy before the #bookgiveaway is over!


ZACK is one of my personal favorites, because:

  • Zack is a cowboy lawman
  • The book takes place in the SE corner of Arizona, where I grew up
  • It was my first cowboy book published (under it’s original title, WILDFIRE) and my second novel published overall
  • As WILDFIRE, this book started the “Western” line at Ellora’s Cave–they had never published a cowboy book before and didn’t know what to do with it. LOL.
  • It’s a love once lost and then found again story
  • Zack is an exceptionally sexy alpha
  • Sky is one hell of a strong woman
  • Romance Reviews Today gave WILDFIRE a “PERFECT 10”
  • AND Cosmopolitan Magazine selected ZACK when it was published with St. Martin’s Griffin. Cosmo adapted ZACK and featured it in their November 2008 issue. (I didn’t recognize the adaptation but it was in there! 🙂 )

Here are the links to your favorite ebook retailers!

ZACK is also FREE in most other countries, including the UK, Canada, and India!

Be sure and check out the other books in the Armed & Dangerous series. All are available for purchase or preorder!

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Angels of Darkness: CHAINED January 12th, 2016

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Friday Freebie #BookGiveaway! Signed trade paperback of ZACK: Armed and Dangerous!


A Sexy excerpt from LUKE: Armed and Dangerous. Comment below and go into a drawing for a signed trade paperback copy of ZACK!

LUKE was a “RT Book Reviews Reviewer’s Choice nominee for best erotic romance of the year.”

Luke took a step closer, dominating Trinity’s personal space, but she lifted her chin and held her ground. Beneath his dark Stetson, dirt streaked his stubbled face and he smelled of dust, horse, and testosterone. Sweat soaked his blue denim work shirt, and dang if he wasn’t wearing a pair of well broken-in chaps.

No fair. A good-looking cowboy in chaps had always been one of her weaknesses. There was just something sexy about a man in all that leather.

Trinity shivered, her nipples hardening, her body already throbbing and tingling. She could picture him naked, with only his chaps on…

Luke’s wicked blue eyes glittered as he moved so close that his belt buckle brushed her belly. “I’ve been dying to get a little uninterrupted time alone with you.” He placed one hand on her hip and reached up to trail his thumb along her cheekbone with his other. “I can’t hardly sleep at night, picturing you in my bed.”

Heat suffused her body, starting from where his hand rested on her hip, flowing across her thighs, between her legs, up to her breasts and neck and on up to the roots of her hair.

Trinity swallowed hard past the dry lump in her throat. She licked her lips and a muscle in his jaw twitched. God but she wanted him to kiss her. Wanted to feel his sweaty naked body—against her own currently sweaty body.

His mouth neared hers and she braced her hands on his muscled chest.

“I’m through playing games with you, Luke.” She shoved against all that strength and power. “I’m as ready as I’m going to be, so don’t even ask me this time.”

His deep rumble of a laugh made her that much hotter.

“I’m not sure I believe you.” His words rolled through her body like thunder. “But at least you’re starting to believe yourself.”

“I’m not making you any promises,” she whispered. “I don’t even know what you really want from me.”

“Yes, you do.” Luke slid his hand from her cheekbone, roughly brushing her earrings as he reached for her sweat-dampened hair. Grabbing her ponytail in his fist, he pulled on it, gently bringing her closer to him. He swept his lips over hers and she tasted his breath as she moaned. He nipped at her lower lip and she sighed into his mouth. “I want everything. And I want it right now.”

**Past RT Book Reviews magazine’s Reviewer’s Choice Award nominee. You can find LUKE at any of the below retail stores!


Be sure and comment below and let me know how you enjoyed LUKE’s excerpt. You’ll have a chance to win a signed trade paperback of ZACK–the St. Martin’s Griffin version. Same book, different cover. 🙂


Here are the links to your favorite ebook retailers for ZACK!

I’ll do a drawing later tonight. Good luck!

Happy Friday. ❤


The Armed and Dangerous series

The Armed and Dangerous series

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Cheyenne’s BMG logo


Angels of Darkness: CHAINED January 12th, 2016

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On location: Miners, Ghosts, and Growing Up in #BisbeeArizona

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Today is Mondays on Location!

Bisbee is a fantastic small town in Arizona and is the setting for my latest romantic suspense series: Lawmen

Lawmen Banner

Cheyenne’s “Lawmen” romantic suspense series

I’m an Arizona native and grew up in Bisbee and on a ranch about 15 miles outside the Bisbee town limits–it’s a fascinating former copper mining town with amazing history.


In the late 1800’s/early 1900’s, with over 20,000 people, Bisbee was the largest and most cultured city between St. Louis and San Francisco! Those days are long gone and Bisbee is a sleepy town and artists’ community of about 5,500 resident.


A shot of Bisbee, Arizona and the Bisbee Historical Museum and Copper Queen Hotel

My Grandfather was born in Panna Maria, Texas in 1900. He and my grandmother moved to Bisbee where my grandfather worked in the copper mines. Their children, including my mother, were all raised in Bisbee.

Of course, many years later I came along. I grew up mostly on the ranch outside of Bisbee with my parents and two brothers. My father was a firefighter in Bisbee for 20 years.


Chey with brothers and Dad in Bisbee

Most likely, you’ve seen the wild west side of Bisbee in movies featuring sexy cowboys accompanied by virtuous (and not so virtuous) women in Brewery Gulch, but there are other, lesser known sides of Bisbee that are begging to be explored. Located in the heart of the Mule Mountains, Bisbee offers some of the most beautiful country in all of Arizona, but it’s not just the alluring ranch hands and pretty scenery that gives Bisbee its romantic feel; it’s the ghosts.

Yes. The ghosts.

And there are plenty of well known haunts in Bisbee.

Mining was a dangerous job, and although no one has reported any ghosts in the Queen Mine, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Even without the ghosts, you can explore the depths of the mine for precious metals and live the dangerous life of a miner for a little while. Just be careful not to slip in the dark; you might get dirty….

oliver house1

Bisbee’s Ghostly Oliver House…

While the darkness of the mine is a bit scary, your hotel room is the place to really get your heart racing-especially if you are staying at the Oliver House. Since its completion in 1909, over 27 people have died in the House, but don’t worry-no one has met their end there in quite a while. Of course, this doesn’t stop those who did from making regular appearances; guests have reported hearing footsteps in the hallway and feeling cold spots in the Plum Room.

If you really want to be scared out of your skin (or clothes), stay in the infamous room 13, where Nat Anderson was murdered in 1920. Anderson, a mine worker, was having an affair with the wife of “The Money Man,” a local to whom Nat owed money. When “The Money Man” discovered the affair, he supposedly made his way to the Oliver House and shot Nat in the back of the head. Despite the obvious motive, the murder remains officially unsolved-meaning that Nat Anderson’s ghost can’t rest easy.

Nat wasn’t the only one to be caught up in a dangerous tryst at the Oliver House, and many of the ghosts that haunt the hallways are victims of their own passions. Among these are the ghosts of a local police officer, his wife, and her lover; after discovering the affair, the police officer rushed to the Oliver House and murdered the couple. After driving a short distance, the jilted husband then turned the gun on himself. It’s reported that all three of these ghosts are tied to the Oliver House forever.

All this sex and violence means that the Oliver House practically vibrates with paranormal energy. Curl up with your own lover for protection and have your own romantic affair-after all, nothing is sexier than a good ghost story.

And just in time, you might be able to slip in on the Oliver House’s Haunted Weekend the end of this month. 🙂

oliver house

The Oliver House’s Haunted Weekend

Douglas is around 25 miles from Bisbee, and is the setting for my Armed and Dangerous series. Part of the A & D series takes place in Bisbee, too. I don’t know if there are ghosts in Douglas, but there are plenty to go around in Bisbee!

Bisbee's Home page

Bisbee’s Home page

The Armed and Dangerous series

The Armed and Dangerous series

Butterscotch Martini Girl Blog Takeover: Cheyenne McCray!

Thank you once again to the Butterscotch Martini Girls for making me a part of the BMGs. They are some of the wildest, wickedest, wackiest women I know. 🙂 FUN and crazy as hell. 😉

Stay tuned to win a signed paperback from me!

Today I want to share with you the Lawmen series!

“New York Times best selling author Cheyenne McCray returns to steamy romantic suspense with high-octane thrillers featuring hunky western federal agents and the strong women who come into their lives.”

The “Lawmen” series has been one of my favorite to write. Set in Southeastern Arizona, where I grew up, the series is filled with cowboy lawmen who are melt-in-your-mouth sexy.

Lawmen Banner

Individually the novel prices have been reduced as follows for a short time:

  • 1. HIDDEN PREY $4.99 = $3.99 (full-length novel)
  • 2. NO MERCY  $4.99 = $3.99 (full-length novel)
  • 3. SLOW BURN $2.99 (short contemporary-length novel)
  • 4. POINT BLANK  $4.99 = $3.99 (full-length novel)


The LAWMEN Box Set is an even better deal! The first three in the series are in one collection. Normally a $12.97 value, you can purchase the box set for $8.99This includes:


The LAWMEN Box Set will only be available for a limited time!

Here’s a little more about the LAWMEN Box Set and each novel:


Tori Cox, a talented and sought after musician, heads back to her roots in a small southwest town in Arizona as she flees an abusive relationship. When she arrives in Bisbee, she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time—and witnesses the execution of a Federal agent by none other than the son of El Demonio, the head of the Jimenez Cartel. Tori and everyone she loves is now in danger as the cartel comes after her before she can testify.

Landon Walker, a special agent with the Department of Homeland Security, rescues Tori when he sees the beautiful woman running from members of one of the most ruthless cartels in the world. He sets out to protect her, but soon protecting her isn’t enough. The fire between them makes him want her in a way that he’s never wanted another woman, despite his wounded heart.

Diego Montego Jimenez will do everything in his power to kill the young American woman who threatens his business and family. No one lives to testify against the Jimenez Cartel. Landon isn’t about to let the cartel get hold of Tori. He’ll go to the ends of the earth and back to protect her—and show her he’s never letting her go.


Over twenty years ago, when she was just a teenager, Belle ran from everything she knew to escape her abusive stepfather. She left behind the boy she loved and a circle of friends who had been like family to her since childhood.

Now, years later, the death of one of her close friends brings her face-to-face with the boy she had to leave. Only now he’s not a boy anymore.

Dylan has never gotten over Belle running away all those years ago. When Nate—one of their Circle of Seven childhood friends—is found dead, Belle and Dylan are drawn back together. It’s not long before he realizes he has a second chance to make her his.

The second reason Belle left could ruin any future she might have with Dylan. The secret hangs over her head while she falls in love with him all over again.

When a dangerous drug cartel starts targeting the Circle of Seven friends, Dylan must use all his federal law enforcement training and contacts to stay one step ahead. He must solve the clues Nate left behind before all of them end up dead.


A heart-stopping, blood-racing, western romantic suspense. In this standalone short contemporary suspense from the Lawmen series, Trace Davidson is determined to protect Christie Simpson from her ex-husband who has ordered a hit on her from his jail cell. Salvatore Reyes intends to make sure Christie never makes it to the witness stand to testify against him. In the midst of danger, Trace and Christie find love—but first they have to make it out alive.

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A free spirit with a zest for life, Natasha Simpson loves her new beginning in the small town of Bisbee, Arizona. Things couldn’t get any better.

Special Agent Brooks Allen is pissed as hell when he learns that one of his friend’s in-laws is suspected of drug trafficking. Big time. She’s been selling merchandise that’s filled with illegal narcotics.

Natasha runs into Brooks, and enjoys the company of the man who works with her cousin’s husband. And damn, but he’s hot.

When Natasha accidentally makes the discovery that her products contain cocaine, not only is her life threatened, but every member of her family is in danger.

Brooks grows certain Natasha is innocent, then discovers the tangled web she’s caught in. Along the way he loses his heart to her—now he just needs to make sure he doesn’t lose her…permanently.

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cheyenne McCray’s books have received many awards, including multiple “RT Book Review Magazine’s Reviewer’s choice” awards and nominations. Cheyenne has over 50 published novels and over 40 novellas in a variety of genres. “Lawmen” is her most recent romantic suspense series, and coming in January 2016 is her new “Angels of Darkness” series.

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Friday Freebie #BookGiveaway! Signed trade paperback of ZACK: Armed & Dangerous!

More Armed & Dangerous just for you. Comment at the bottom of this post and go into a drawing for a trade paperback copy of ZACK: Armed and Dangerous!

Here’s a clean but naughty excerpt from CLAY: Armed and Dangerous

CLAY: Armed and Dangerous available now!

CLAY: Armed and Dangerous available now!

The flash of white caught Clay’s eye and he froze. His eyes narrowed as he watched the small figure at the back of the cabin. When she stood, light from inside the cabin shown on her face. She shook her head. Rubbed a palm across her forehead. Shook her head again.

A woman. A damn beautiful… and a familiar woman at that.

Clay grinned. Definitely that little spitfire of a rancher who’d come storming into his office this morning. Rylie Thorn had more than piqued his interest.

And as she bent over to peek into a hole in the wall of the cabin, Rylie’s short blond hair swung forward. Her jeans outlined each of her curves, and the T-shirt and sweater she was wearing looked so soft he wanted to touch them.

Despite years of law-enforcement training and plenty of practice in keeping emotionally and physically detached from his work, Clay couldn’t help but feel a stirring. He swallowed hard, as Rylie licked her lips and wrapped her arms around herself as she stared through what had to be a knothole opening into the cabin.

A wave of feminine laughter rolled out of the cabin. Then a woman’s voice said, “Do that again, Brad.”

Clay’s grin got a whole lot bigger. The perky little blonde was a dang Peeping Tom. Or rather, a Peeping Tomasina.

His body got more tense as he watched her standing there, seemingly frozen in place by whatever she was watching.

He could just imagine.

Damn, but he had to get his mind back on his job. He had a reason to come see the hot woman in front of him, right? At the moment he didn’t have a single clue what it was.

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The Armed and Dangerous series

The Armed and Dangerous series