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Monday On Location: In My BRAIN

For fun, we’re going to travel into my head and dig deep to get answers to important questions. Let’s start out with one of the most important:

Q: What’s your favorite color?

A: It used to be pink, but I grew up, oh, a few years ago. Now purple. Definitely purple. Hence the purple office.

purple office

Q: What’s your favorite ice cream?

A: Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. Duh!

KT and Chey Cherry Garcia

Chey and fellow BMG, KT Roberts, eating World’s Best Ice Cream

Q: Is Cheyenne your real name?

A: I don’t think anyone my age is named Cheyenne. Here’s a clue in the pic below: I just celebrated my 50th birthday on August 1st.

Guess my first name

Chey 50th blow candles

Q: What kinds of cool things did you get for your birthday?

A: A lot. One is an amazing writer’s quilt my mom made that’s embroidered with wonderful writerly sayings along with my crescent moon name and logo. My dad gave me a gorgeous fiddle. I don’t play, it’s just something special since he collects fiddles.

Quilt front


Fiddleback Fiddle display

Q: What is the funniest birthday gift you received?

A: A totally unintentional gift. My friend Jordan ordered a bunch of wonderful writerly and fairy stuff…And this sugar skull came instead of a journal. Hahaha!  I thought it was from @TinaGerow ‘s son, but he said he wished he’d thought of it. No one new who it came from until we finally figured it out. I love it. I have both now and it looks cool in my office. 😀

funniest bday gift

Q. What is your favorite writer’s saying?

A. Take a look, read it, and weep. It could happen to you.

Favorite Saying

Q: Where is one of your favorite places to go on a writer’s retreat?

A: Sedona. Ommmmmmm….

Chey Sedona

Q: When you’re home, where do you like to write?

A: I have a comfy recliner in my office, and then I have my outdoor office with a great view when we’re having our gorgeous Arizona weather.

Chey outdoor work recliner Chey backyard

Q: Do you have pets?

A: Three dogs–Nikki, Checkers, and Daisy. And here is my grandson pretending to be a fourth while they all sit on my youngest son, Evan’s uncle, who’s clearly thrilled. No, I don’t count Evan and Matthew as pets. They’re not well trained enough.

3 pups grandson son

Q: At the WPA did you really shoot weapons of destruction?

A: This is a rubber gun.

WPA clearing house

Q: But did you really shoot a gun?

A: A police rifle. Great research. Would do it again.

WPA Chey rifle

Q: Who’s that wonderful woman beside you who takes after you?

A: One of my best friends, my mom, Karen.


Q: What is a Butterscotch Martini Girl?

A: They wear cute little bikinis and drink martinis. NOT. (Well, the butterscotch martini part is right!)

We’re a group of 8 writers, all but 1 in Arizona. I was an honorary BMG and just made a full BMG recently. I am quite honored. 🙂 Here are four of the eight of us when we were brainstorming over breakfast!

BMGs Lori and Tina

BMG snark queens Kayce Lassiter and Tina Gerow

BMGs Bev and Chey

BMG mild mannered ladies (HA!), Tia Dani (1/2) and Chey

Q: What are are you working on next?

A: A Paranormal Romance series titled “Angels of Darkness.” This is my journal that I make notes in and jot down ideas for this series. 🙂

Flight Angels of Darkness

Thank you for joining me and taking a spin through my brain. If you have any questions for me to add to my FAQ, ask away!


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