RS Facebook Party Starts Soon!

Hey everyone! We have 13 authors and a ridiculous amount of books and prizes being given away. Really. Ridiculous. I’m giving away 8 autographed copies of my books and two $25 Amazon gift cards. Who knows what else? And you have 12 other authors doing their best to giveaway everything and the kitchen sink.

Here’s our lineup!

2:30pm EST ~ Gladys Introduction
3:00pm EST ~ Chey McCray
3:30pm EST ~ Paige Tyler
4:00pm EST ~ Tee O’Fallon
4:30pm EST ~ Anne Marie Becker
5:00pm EST ~ Sandy Wright
5:30pm EST ~ Carolyn Crane
6:00pm EST ~ Mandy Harbin
6:30pm EST ~ Chey McCray
7:00pm EST ~ Jessie Lane
7:30pm EST ~ Calista Fox
8:00pm EST ~ Susan Stoker
8:30pm EST ~ Sharon Hamilton
9:00pm EST ~ Parker Kincade
9:30pm EST ~ Megan Mitcham
10:00pm EST Gladys Closes the Party Out

Join us at

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Come help me blow sh** up! 😀

See you soon,



Hidden Prey is Out!

So excited to have Hidden Prey out with Totally Bound! The “Deadly Intent” series is set in my home town and the surrounding area. 🙂

Order your copy from your favorite retailer here!

I hope you enjoy reading Hidden Prey as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Creative process: Ideas for writers when you get “stuck”

The Creative Process: ideas to get you going when you’re stuck

There are so many interesting ways for writers to brainstorm and get our motors revved if we’re stalled or just need some fresh new ideas. Not all, but most of the below I’ve done on different occasions, and have been just the right thing to do for that moment. Others I intend to try for the fun of it

  • I write an e-mail to my main crit partner. I will go on about all
    angles of the story that I’m having trouble with–and then I’ll find
  • that I’ve come up with my answers! So I end up not sending the e-mail in a lot of cases. I’ve already answered my own questions.
  • Sending that e-mail. Sometimes we definitely need that feedback from our online crit partners or others who might think in the same vein as we do.
  • Have an in-person brainstorming session with fellow writers. The energy of everyone talking and building on ideas can turn out some fabulous concepts.2015 BMG Bev and Deb
  • Help crit partners brainstorm their books, and it might loosen the ideas in your own mind and get those creative juices going.
  • I got the best idea to solve a problem for one of my future books from my teenage son. I told him what my weakness my beings needed, and he came up with something brilliant. Normally my family is no help at all, but sometimes they have gems. 🙂 Anyway, utilize those around you when you’re stuck. They just might have something perfect in response to your question.
  • Astrology—give your characters birthdates and signs and have a little fun with it. How would your character’s personality as laid out by his or sign cause him or her to react in a certain situation?
  • Index cards. Take a bunch of index cards and write down an idea on each card, in no particular order. Just keep jotting down anything that sparks in your mind. When you think you’re finished, you can even put them in an order that you don’t have to stick to. That’s actually called storyboarding, and a way some people outline. But it’s truly a method of brainstorming, too.
  • Write ideas down on sticky notes in the same way as you would with the index cards, but arrange them a large surface, like a dry erase board, poster board, or foam-backed poster board.
  • Here’s a fun one. Buy magazines that might relate to what it is you’re PICT0329 copywriting. Like fantasy or Wiccan magazines in my case. Or just general magazines, like People Magazine, etc. Then flip through them and cut out everything you think relates or has some significance in your story. OR find pictures on the internet and do the same thing!
  • Also, some people make 3-D collages where they take actual things that relate to their books and arrange them in a group, a shadow box, etc. Sometimes just relaxing your mind by doing these things will free up your creativity.
  • Graph paper and a timeline. This was an interesting one for me that I used for MOVING TARGET. I have a gigantic graph pad. I wrote a long line down the center and started putting ideas on it, as to what I thought should happen where. Or what could And they helped throw out ideas to put on my timeline.
  • Take a nap! This often works for me and is how I get some fabulous ideas. If I’m stuck, I’ll lie down, and in between that place of sleep and wakefulness, my mind relaxes and great ideas will come to me.
  • Watching movies or reading books might spark ideas or a twist in your story you haven’t thought of.
  • Tarot often gives authors creative ideas
  • Rifle through unfinished pieces to see if a character or plot line jumps out at you as ready.
  • Write down the weirdest, most embarrassing moment of your life and imagine how a different person would have reacted to it.
  • People watching. Go to the mall, a park, or other public places and watch people–how they interact with one another, if they’re hurried as if single-mindedly focused, or move slowly and pause to window shop. Imagine what kind of character they would make in a novel.
  • Write letters to your characters. This is one I’ve heard a lot of writers say they’ve used. I haven’t, yet. But with the book I’m writing now, I just might!
  • A suggestion from an author is to try Magnetic Poetry. Grab a
    handful and see what comes out. Sometimes just seeing a unique combination of words will spark an idea.
  • Write down the last 10 books you read that you adored and analyze what you adored by them, and even what you might have done differently despite the fact you loved them. Also write a list of books that you hated and what you would have done differently.
  • Some authors write scenes from another character’s perspective. When you get stuck, it might be because you’re not sure how a certain character is going to react. So in going back and revisiting an old scene, from their perspective, you could get a better peek into their head.
  • Sims: my crit partner Anna Windsor uses these for her fantasies. She builds worlds from her imagination and it sparks ideas that get her ideas flowing.
  • Handwrite a scene. It works!
  • And even for those of you who resist it, write a bullet-point outline of a scene. Brief and just writing things you’d like to see in a scene.

For those of you writers, I hope these give you some ideas. Have some fun with it!


Wednesday: What the %$!!? Tall, Dark, and Undercover…

A little look at being tall, dark, and undercover…


“2 Guns”: Denzel Washington (UC DEA Agent) and Mark Wahlberg (UC Special Forces officer)

The life of an undercover agent has to be fascinating in some ways, scary as hell in others, intriguing, and you know it’s absolutely no doubt hard work.

Let’s add sexy because what UC agent in romance isn’t?


Ok, so in “21 Jump Street” the guys are a little goofy–a lot goofy–but hey, it has Channing Tatum

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a UC who’s living on the edge? I have. Perhaps you are even thinking about writing a suspense or romantic suspense novel involving a UC. If so, you’ll need to know what he does on a daily basis.

As a reader, here are a few things you might think of when considering writing what it’s like to be tall, dark and undercover…


The most inconvenient aspect of being an undercover agent is that he must be available 24/7. He could disappear at any moment to report for an assignment, to investigate a case, or meet up with the bad guys.

Damn, that means the bed won’t be warm.


A high number undercover agents are probably single bachelors who haven’t established a family. Likely they don’t have time due to the fact that they’re away from home so much. TDU_the-departed

Score! He’s available!


Fitness must play a role in the life of an undercover agent. After all, he needs to be in great shape in order to chase the bad guys!


Not Dark. Bald. Bald is hot, especially when it’s Vin Diesel… and his UC role in Triple X

Whoa. Look at those biceps, and, um everything…


Undercover agents probably don’t have much time to cook gourmet meals, so they tend to eat on the go.

No cooking? A man after my own heart.



Daniel Craig as 007? Works for me!

If 007 has a glamorous undercover role, then it has to be, right? Never mind our current 007 isn’t dark and is a blond.

Tall, Blond, and Undercover is fine with me.


It goes without saying that Mr. TDorBandTallUC MUST kick ass on a regular basis.


Really, who cares if he’s not tall? Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible–I’m there.

Take for example Ethan Hunt. Now he is seriously Kickass. However, he’s not exactly tall–but who cares? It’s Ethan Hunt!!

So let’s think about it.

Tall–or Short–Dark–or Bald or Blond–and Undercover

Be still my beating heart.

The life of a UC is unique from other areas of law enforcement. If you want to learn more, do your research within the mystery/suspense/thriller genres, attend conferences, and interview people in the field. Fiction and non-fiction reads and research will give you a better look at the daily lives of UC agents.

But if you’re a reader, then this rather biased look into the life of an undercover agent might fit alongside what’s already in your imagination…


Cheyenne's BMG logo

Cheyenne’s BMG logo


ZACK: Armed and Dangerous #FREE #Cowboy for 4 days only!

Today’s Saturday is Sexy has been hijacked by a #Freebie for everyone!

I’m excited to announce that ZACK from the “Armed & Dangerous” series is FREE from Sept. 26th to the 29th! Be sure and get your copy before the #bookgiveaway is over!


ZACK is one of my personal favorites, because:

  • Zack is a cowboy lawman
  • The book takes place in the SE corner of Arizona, where I grew up
  • It was my first cowboy book published (under it’s original title, WILDFIRE) and my second novel published overall
  • As WILDFIRE, this book started the “Western” line at Ellora’s Cave–they had never published a cowboy book before and didn’t know what to do with it. LOL.
  • It’s a love once lost and then found again story
  • Zack is an exceptionally sexy alpha
  • Sky is one hell of a strong woman
  • Romance Reviews Today gave WILDFIRE a “PERFECT 10”
  • AND Cosmopolitan Magazine selected ZACK when it was published with St. Martin’s Griffin. Cosmo adapted ZACK and featured it in their November 2008 issue. (I didn’t recognize the adaptation but it was in there! 🙂 )

Here are the links to your favorite ebook retailers!

ZACK is also FREE in most other countries, including the UK, Canada, and India!

Be sure and check out the other books in the Armed & Dangerous series. All are available for purchase or preorder!

Xarmed & dangerous banner



Cheyenne's BMG logo

Cheyenne’s BMG logo


Angels of Darkness: CHAINED January 12th, 2016

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Friday Freebie #BookGiveaway! Signed trade paperback of ZACK: Armed and Dangerous!


A Sexy excerpt from LUKE: Armed and Dangerous. Comment below and go into a drawing for a signed trade paperback copy of ZACK!

LUKE was a “RT Book Reviews Reviewer’s Choice nominee for best erotic romance of the year.”

Luke took a step closer, dominating Trinity’s personal space, but she lifted her chin and held her ground. Beneath his dark Stetson, dirt streaked his stubbled face and he smelled of dust, horse, and testosterone. Sweat soaked his blue denim work shirt, and dang if he wasn’t wearing a pair of well broken-in chaps.

No fair. A good-looking cowboy in chaps had always been one of her weaknesses. There was just something sexy about a man in all that leather.

Trinity shivered, her nipples hardening, her body already throbbing and tingling. She could picture him naked, with only his chaps on…

Luke’s wicked blue eyes glittered as he moved so close that his belt buckle brushed her belly. “I’ve been dying to get a little uninterrupted time alone with you.” He placed one hand on her hip and reached up to trail his thumb along her cheekbone with his other. “I can’t hardly sleep at night, picturing you in my bed.”

Heat suffused her body, starting from where his hand rested on her hip, flowing across her thighs, between her legs, up to her breasts and neck and on up to the roots of her hair.

Trinity swallowed hard past the dry lump in her throat. She licked her lips and a muscle in his jaw twitched. God but she wanted him to kiss her. Wanted to feel his sweaty naked body—against her own currently sweaty body.

His mouth neared hers and she braced her hands on his muscled chest.

“I’m through playing games with you, Luke.” She shoved against all that strength and power. “I’m as ready as I’m going to be, so don’t even ask me this time.”

His deep rumble of a laugh made her that much hotter.

“I’m not sure I believe you.” His words rolled through her body like thunder. “But at least you’re starting to believe yourself.”

“I’m not making you any promises,” she whispered. “I don’t even know what you really want from me.”

“Yes, you do.” Luke slid his hand from her cheekbone, roughly brushing her earrings as he reached for her sweat-dampened hair. Grabbing her ponytail in his fist, he pulled on it, gently bringing her closer to him. He swept his lips over hers and she tasted his breath as she moaned. He nipped at her lower lip and she sighed into his mouth. “I want everything. And I want it right now.”

**Past RT Book Reviews magazine’s Reviewer’s Choice Award nominee. You can find LUKE at any of the below retail stores!


Be sure and comment below and let me know how you enjoyed LUKE’s excerpt. You’ll have a chance to win a signed trade paperback of ZACK–the St. Martin’s Griffin version. Same book, different cover. 🙂


Here are the links to your favorite ebook retailers for ZACK!

I’ll do a drawing later tonight. Good luck!

Happy Friday. ❤


The Armed and Dangerous series

The Armed and Dangerous series

Cheyenne's BMG logo

Cheyenne’s BMG logo


Angels of Darkness: CHAINED January 12th, 2016

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Lawmen Box Set now available for a limited time!

Lawmen Box Set now available for a limited time for only $8.99! Save $4!

Lawmen_boxset_3d_300“New York Times best selling author Cheyenne McCray returns to steamy romantic suspense with high-octane thrillers featuring hunky western federal agents and the strong women who come into their lives.”

 The “Lawmen” series has been one of my favorite to write. Set in Southeastern Arizona, where I grew up, the series is filled with cowboy lawmen who are melt-in-your-mouth sexy.


Individually the novel prices have been reduced as follows for a short time:

  • HIDDEN PREY $4.99 = $3.99 (full-length novel)
  • NO MERCY  $4.99= $3.99 (full-length novel)
  • SLOW BURN $2.99 (short contemporary-length novel)
  • POINT BLANK  $4.99= $3.99 (full-length novel)

The LAWMEN Box Set is an even better deal! The first three in the series are in one collection. Normally a $12.97 value, you can purchase the box set for $8.99This includes:


The LAWMEN Box Set will only be available for a limited time!

Here’s a little more about the LAWMEN Box Set and each novel:


Tori Cox, a talented and sought after musician, heads back to her roots in a small southwest town in Arizona as she flees an abusive relationship. When she arrives in Bisbee, she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time—and witnesses the execution of a Federal agent by none other than the son of El Demonio, the head of the Jimenez Cartel. Tori and everyone she loves is now in danger as the cartel comes after her before she can testify.

Landon Walker, a special agent with the Department of Homeland Security, rescues Tori when he sees the beautiful woman running from members of one of the most ruthless cartels in the world. He sets out to protect her, but soon protecting her isn’t enough. The fire between them makes him want her in a way that he’s never wanted another woman, despite his wounded heart.

Diego Montego Jimenez will do everything in his power to kill the young American woman who threatens his business and family. No one lives to testify against the Jimenez Cartel. Landon isn’t about to let the cartel get hold of Tori. He’ll go to the ends of the earth and back to protect her—and show her he’s never letting her go.


Over twenty years ago, when she was just a teenager, Belle ran from everything she knew to escape her abusive stepfather. She left behind the boy she loved and a circle of friends who had been like family to her since childhood.

Now, years later, the death of one of her close friends brings her face-to-face with the boy she had to leave. Only now he’s not a boy anymore.

Dylan has never gotten over Belle running away all those years ago. When Nate—one of their Circle of Seven childhood friends—is found dead, Belle and Dylan are drawn back together. It’s not long before he realizes he has a second chance to make her his.

The second reason Belle left could ruin any future she might have with Dylan. The secret hangs over her head while she falls in love with him all over again.

When a dangerous drug cartel starts targeting the Circle of Seven friends, Dylan must use all his federal law enforcement training and contacts to stay one step ahead. He must solve the clues Nate left behind before all of them end up dead.


A heart-stopping, blood-racing, western romantic suspense. In this standalone short contemporary suspense from the Lawmen series, Trace Davidson is determined to protect Christie Simpson from her ex-husband who has ordered a hit on her from his jail cell. Salvatore Reyes intends to make sure Christie never makes it to the witness stand to testify against him. In the midst of danger, Trace and Christie find love—but first they have to make it out alive.

Find the LAWMEN BOX SET at your favorite eBook retailers for only $8.99!

WAS $12.97 for all three. NOW $8.99!



PointBlank_300Point Blank is not part of the box set, however you’ll want to pick it up while it’s still at the $3.99 sale price! It won’t be for long!


A free spirit with a zest for life, Natasha Simpson loves her new beginning in the small town of Bisbee, Arizona. Things couldn’t get any better.

Special Agent Brooks Allen is pissed as hell when he learns that one of his friend’s in-laws is suspected of drug trafficking. Big time. She’s been selling merchandise that’s filled with illegal narcotics.

Natasha runs into Brooks, and enjoys the company of the man who works with her cousin’s husband. And damn, but he’s hot.

When Natasha accidentally makes the discovery that her products contain cocaine, not only is her life threatened, but every member of her family is in danger.

Brooks grows certain Natasha is innocent, then discovers the tangled web she’s caught in. Along the way he loses his heart to her—now he just needs to make sure he doesn’t lose her…permanently.

Find POINT BLANK at your favorite retailers for $3.99 for a limited time!


Lawmen Banner

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Wednesday: What the %$!!? Lipstick or Bullets

Lipstick or Bullets?          

Are you a gun-toting lipstick-wearing lady with just the right mix of attitude and sass? Here’s a tough question for you: If you were in a dire situation, which item would you rather spend your last few dollars on?

Would you prefer to fork over your remaining bucks for a set of bullets or for a new tube of your favorite shade of lipstick? If you’re having a hard time picking between the two (as we imagine you are!), here are a few benefits of both lipstick and bullets.

It's not slut-red or sweet thing-pink, but it'll do in a pinch

It’s not slut-red or sweet thing-pink, but it’ll do in a pinch

Lipstick – We all know that no look is complete without applying a fabulous shade of lipstick. Whether it’s a sultry (or slutty) shade of red, or pretty (oh-so-innocent) pink, a coat of lipstick can instantly make you feel like you can take on whatever life may throw your way. Not to mention, a quality lipstick can nourish and moisturize your lips tempting your suitors to go in for a sweet kiss. What’s not to like about that?

Ok, so it's a bullet pen. Close enough. :)

Ok, so it’s a bullet pen. Close enough. 🙂

Bullets – On the other hand, it might be a good idea to invest your last bit of money in some bullets for the small 9mm tucked away in your purse. After all, it’s only proper for a lady to arm herself for protection. If you’re an avid hunter, that’s even more of a reason to choose bullets over lipstick. With your bullets you’ll be able to feed yourself—a tube of lipstick won’t satisfy your hunger for long.

Tell us, which one is it for you? Would you rather buy a tube of your favorite lipstick or a magazine of bullets? Your answer will give a big clue about your personality. 😉

Of course, when you have access to both lipstick AND bullets, the rest of the world better watch out!


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On location: Miners, Ghosts, and Growing Up in #BisbeeArizona

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Today is Mondays on Location!

Bisbee is a fantastic small town in Arizona and is the setting for my latest romantic suspense series: Lawmen

Lawmen Banner

Cheyenne’s “Lawmen” romantic suspense series

I’m an Arizona native and grew up in Bisbee and on a ranch about 15 miles outside the Bisbee town limits–it’s a fascinating former copper mining town with amazing history.


In the late 1800’s/early 1900’s, with over 20,000 people, Bisbee was the largest and most cultured city between St. Louis and San Francisco! Those days are long gone and Bisbee is a sleepy town and artists’ community of about 5,500 resident.


A shot of Bisbee, Arizona and the Bisbee Historical Museum and Copper Queen Hotel

My Grandfather was born in Panna Maria, Texas in 1900. He and my grandmother moved to Bisbee where my grandfather worked in the copper mines. Their children, including my mother, were all raised in Bisbee.

Of course, many years later I came along. I grew up mostly on the ranch outside of Bisbee with my parents and two brothers. My father was a firefighter in Bisbee for 20 years.


Chey with brothers and Dad in Bisbee

Most likely, you’ve seen the wild west side of Bisbee in movies featuring sexy cowboys accompanied by virtuous (and not so virtuous) women in Brewery Gulch, but there are other, lesser known sides of Bisbee that are begging to be explored. Located in the heart of the Mule Mountains, Bisbee offers some of the most beautiful country in all of Arizona, but it’s not just the alluring ranch hands and pretty scenery that gives Bisbee its romantic feel; it’s the ghosts.

Yes. The ghosts.

And there are plenty of well known haunts in Bisbee.

Mining was a dangerous job, and although no one has reported any ghosts in the Queen Mine, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Even without the ghosts, you can explore the depths of the mine for precious metals and live the dangerous life of a miner for a little while. Just be careful not to slip in the dark; you might get dirty….

oliver house1

Bisbee’s Ghostly Oliver House…

While the darkness of the mine is a bit scary, your hotel room is the place to really get your heart racing-especially if you are staying at the Oliver House. Since its completion in 1909, over 27 people have died in the House, but don’t worry-no one has met their end there in quite a while. Of course, this doesn’t stop those who did from making regular appearances; guests have reported hearing footsteps in the hallway and feeling cold spots in the Plum Room.

If you really want to be scared out of your skin (or clothes), stay in the infamous room 13, where Nat Anderson was murdered in 1920. Anderson, a mine worker, was having an affair with the wife of “The Money Man,” a local to whom Nat owed money. When “The Money Man” discovered the affair, he supposedly made his way to the Oliver House and shot Nat in the back of the head. Despite the obvious motive, the murder remains officially unsolved-meaning that Nat Anderson’s ghost can’t rest easy.

Nat wasn’t the only one to be caught up in a dangerous tryst at the Oliver House, and many of the ghosts that haunt the hallways are victims of their own passions. Among these are the ghosts of a local police officer, his wife, and her lover; after discovering the affair, the police officer rushed to the Oliver House and murdered the couple. After driving a short distance, the jilted husband then turned the gun on himself. It’s reported that all three of these ghosts are tied to the Oliver House forever.

All this sex and violence means that the Oliver House practically vibrates with paranormal energy. Curl up with your own lover for protection and have your own romantic affair-after all, nothing is sexier than a good ghost story.

And just in time, you might be able to slip in on the Oliver House’s Haunted Weekend the end of this month. 🙂

oliver house

The Oliver House’s Haunted Weekend

Douglas is around 25 miles from Bisbee, and is the setting for my Armed and Dangerous series. Part of the A & D series takes place in Bisbee, too. I don’t know if there are ghosts in Douglas, but there are plenty to go around in Bisbee!

Bisbee's Home page

Bisbee’s Home page

The Armed and Dangerous series

The Armed and Dangerous series

Pick the heroine’s name for Angels of Darkness for Cheyenne McCray! #contest

Help pick @CheyenneMcCray ‘s heroine’s name in Angels of Darkness! #contest

Help me pick out the name of the heroine in CHAINED, my first “Angels of Darkness” series novel! You will go into a drawing for:

First prize: YOUR name on CHAINED’s dedication page.

Second prize, you go into the mass drawing for a chance at one of 40 books and Amazon gift certificates!

Thanks bunches and good luck!