Branded for You in Audiobook! #contest

CM_BrandedForYou_audioI’m excited to let you all know that the first book in my “Riding Tall” cowboy series, Branded for You, is now available in audiobook!

I will be giving away 5 free copies of the audiobook version of Branded for You to 5 readers who are willing to listen to and review the book! Just leave a comment on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; or retweet or share, and I will do a drawing. 🙂
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Good luck!



Wed. “What the %$!! is Next?”: Top Ten Tips on How to Marry a #Cowboy

Now for some important tips on Wednesday “What the %$!! is next?”

Many women dream of marrying a cowboy and living a life happily ever after on a ranch or farm. If you want to snag yourself a sexy rugged man, check out these 10 tips on how you can find a marry a hot cowboy!


  1. Learn to Cook – Cowboys have tough jobs and they love to eat, so if you don’t know how to cook hearty home-style meals, you need to learn!
  2. Learn to Ride – Same thing goes with riding a horse. If you don’t know how to yet, you’re going to have to learn as soon as possible.
  3. Learn How To Two-step – You’ll of course also need to know how to two-step and line dance if you want to marry a cowboy.
  4. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Dirty – Cowboys love a girl who isn’t scared to get a little muddy while working or playing outdoors.
  5. Get a Truck – You’ll need a truck to keep up with his active lifestyle. Preferably a 4×4.
  6. Buy a Gun – What cowboy isn’t attracted to a good-looking lady with a Winchester bolt-action rifle or a Remington shotgun?
  7. Get Yourself a Pair of Cowgirl Boots – Every cowboy’s wife is going to need a good pair of Western boots she can wear with everything from shorts and tank tops to cute little sundresses.
  8. Head to the Rodeo – One of the best places to meet a single cowboy is at the local rodeo or PBR event.
  9. Go To Church – Most cowboys want a wife who is God-fearing and religious, so make sure you start attending church every Sunday. To increase your odds of meeting your future husband, why not enroll in Bible study as well!
  10. Start Waking Up Early – Cowboys are usually up at the crack of dawn, so it’s a good idea for you to start getting used to waking up early.

Be sure and let us know how this works out for you. 🙂

The Armed and Dangerous series

The Armed and Dangerous series



Winners of Friday Freebie signed paperback books!

Congratulations to:

  • Pamela Miller
  • clickclickmycat!

They are each one of two winners to receive a signed copy of one of my “Riding Tall” books. 🙂 Email me at chey @ cheyennemccray . com


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The Armed and Dangerous series

The Armed and Dangerous series