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Erotic Romance vs Erotica (but Oh, God, don’t call it porn)

Erotic Romance vs Erotica

(but Oh, God, don’t call it porn)
FORBIDDEN, Cheyenne's first erotic romance was with Ellora's Cave and has been rereleased with this fabulous new cover

FORBIDDEN, Cheyenne’s first erotic romance was with Ellora’s Cave and has been rereleased with this fabulous new cover

When I first started writing erotic romance 13 years ago, this was a constant debate: are erotic romance and erotica the same thing?

Not really.

For authors and readers there is a big difference between erotic romance and erotica.

Erotic romance explores the romantic dynamics of the main characters’ relationship through their sexuality. As in traditional romance, the characters are engaged mind, body, heart, and soul. Erotic romance is intended to stimulate the reader emotionally as well as sexually. It feeds the heart and mind with satisfying characterization, plot, and a happily-ever-after ending.

To be considered erotic romance, once the main character and his/her/their love interests meet, their relationship must become and remain monogamous. If other characters are involved in the sexual relationship, a valid reason must exist that will ring true for the readers of the genre. It must be an accepted and perhaps expected part of the world in which the story takes place, or a part of their chosen lifestyle. Essentially, this genre follows most of the rules of traditional romance books, but with longer and more explicit sex scenes.

Cheyenne’s Wonderland series, also erotic romance, was originally published with Ellora’s Cave in eBook and then St. Martin’s Griffin in trade paperback. The series is now available in both ebook and print with incredible new covers by Scott Carpenter.

Erotica explores sexuality rather than relationship. Character development is not necessary in erotica, nor are emotional attachments. With erotica, romance and monogamous relationships are not expected, nor is a happy or happily-ever-after ending. Stories in this genre tend to use sensual, explicit sex to arouse the reader sexually, and to broaden the reader’s perspective of human sexuality.

To take this a step further, how is erotica different than pornography?

Porn is simply sex, strung together scene by scene with no plot, no relationships, no emotional involvement beyond the sexual act. It is designed only to stimulate the reader or watcher of the genre.

The distinctions between the genres are not always clear, but are often important to fans. Each genre has its following and its place in our society.

For authors and readers of erotic romance, it’s all about love, relationships, and happily-ever-afters…along with lots of great sex.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


Cheyenne's BMG logo

Cheyenne’s BMG logo


Angels of Darkness: CHAINED January 12th, 2016

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Angels of Darkness: CHAINED
January 12, 2016