Hidden Prey is Out!

So excited to have Hidden Prey out with Totally Bound! The “Deadly Intent” series is set in my home town and the surrounding area. 🙂

Order your copy from your favorite retailer here!

I hope you enjoy reading Hidden Prey as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Hidden Prey available for preorder!

Hello world!

Merry Early Christmas!

I1hiddenprey_800‘m excited to say that Hidden Prey is now being released with Totally Bound and is available for preorder. 🙂

I adore the people at Totally Bound and I’m excited to have the “Deadly Intent” series (formerly Lawmen series) on their virtual shelves. 🙂


Add to a great day, this fabulous quote from a wonderful author:

“…hot, enjoyable, emotionally satisfying stories that leave me wanting more.” ~New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Ashley




Tuesday’s Teaser! Slow Burn from the “Lawmen Box Set”

Tuesday’s Teaser! Slow Burn from the “Lawmen Box Set”

SlowBurn_300It was all so crazy. Christie’s heart pounded as the next ordeal started. She hadn’t fully grasped the trouble she was in or the mess she had caused until now. She had never realized that her ex-husband could be as powerful and well connected as he apparently was.

According to Agent Stillwater and Trace, Salvatore’s ties with the Jimenez Cartel were significant, and he’d been, and still was, a valued part of their organization. The cartel apparently didn’t plan on letting him go to prison if it could be prevented.

Now it was time to leave to go to what would hopefully be a safe location.

Christie had been told that agents had cleared the way, making sure no employees or guests were nearby as Christie, Trace, the decoy agents, and the protection detail left the room. The weight of the body armor seemed to grow as they went. Her whole body felt heavy, which had little to do with the vest. It had more to do with a frozen feeling that had sunk into her bones.

They went down in the service elevators. Christie stood beside Trace, having to look up at him as always because he was so tall and she was so petite. “If the cartel knows we’re here, are you sure no one can follow us?”

“The FBI has secured the area.” Trace sounded confident, but she wondered if he was as confident as his tone would lead her to believe. “No one is getting near you.”

Christie bit the inside of her lip. Her skin prickled, an uneasy feeling making the Chinese food not sit so well with her any longer.

“Reservations have been made at multiple hotels under various names.” Trace looked thoughtful. “We’re hoping that will throw off the cartel.”

Everything became a blur as agents escorted Christie through the back of the hotel and out to one of three waiting vans. Each van looked different—none of them were black like agency cars or SUVs.

On the older-looking vans were different decals. One had “Harper’s Plumbing,” on it, another had “Professional One Day Dry Cleaning,” and the third advertised “Valley Landscaping Services.” Each vehicle could easily get lost in Phoenix, unnoticed, which was obviously the idea.

Christie was glad they had dressed her like the agents. She blended in well, especially since the decoy female agents were close to her size and weight, and all three of them wore matching sunglasses.

Trace was at her side every step of the way. She met his gaze as they reached the white paneled van with “Harper’s Plumbing” on it. The door was open. She noticed that Trace didn’t help her into the vehicle, as was his normal habit. It was probably to keep from making her stand out from other agents who would not be receiving the same treatment.

She climbed inside the dim interior of the almost empty windowless van and saw that there were no seats. The only thing in the van was a big wooden box, the size of a coffin.

The floor was cool beneath her as she settled herself on the ridged metal.

“Not much for comfort.” A man sitting in the driver’s seat looked over his shoulder at them. “But we’ll get you to your next location safely, Ms. Simpson.” He, too, wore sunglasses and a jumpsuit, and he also wore a Bluetooth earpiece.

“Thank you.” Christie shifted so she was closer to Trace who had sat down beside her. His presence was a comfort even when she didn’t feel like she deserved it.

She wanted to apologize for putting everyone in so much danger, but she held her tongue. What good would apologies do? She’d screwed up and good. Trace had told her not to play the blame game, and that this was all on Salvatore. No matter what Trace had said, she did blame herself.

After a few moments, the agent put the van into gear and pulled away from the building. “On the move,” he said as the van jostled them while it went down the back alley. She guessed he was talking to whoever was on the other end of the Bluetooth.

Downtown Phoenix was full of one-way streets. The only time Christie had come to this area she had gotten totally turned around and almost went the wrong direction on a street. She was glad she wasn’t the one driving.

She and Trace swayed as the van turned a corner.

A metallic sound startled her.

Trace threw himself on her, slamming her onto the van’s floor. “Down!”

Her skull struck the ridged metal floor. The sunglasses skittered away. Pain shot through her head and her mind spun.

In a flash she realized that what she heard was the sound of bullets piercing the side of the van.

Terror ripped through her like knives flaying her skin.

“We’re under fire!” the driver shouted as he gunned the engine. Despite the terror, Christie registered that he had to be shouting the information over his Bluetooth.

The van’s tires squealed.

Another vehicle’s tires echoed the sound.

Light came through round perforations in the white panels.

Christie and Trace were thrown around the back of the van as the driver took tight turns.

The driver shouted for backup as he drove.

A pause in the rapid-fire.

Trace started toward the coffin-sized wooden box.

The metallic pings started again and Christie wanted to scream to Trace to get down, too.

Oh, God. They were all going to die.

Lawmen_boxset_3d_300Kindle: http://amzn.to/1Fgf8Rv

Nook: http://bit.ly/1JbPQiG

Kobo: http://bit.ly/1KgaFgU

iBooks: http://apple.co/1KRZsGM

All Romance eBooks: http://bit.ly/1UWpu00

Hope you enjoyed this week’s teaser!


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Tuesday’s Teaser! No Mercy from the Lawmen Box Set

Lawmen Box Set now available for a limited time for only $8.99!

Today our teaser is from NO MERCY, the second book in the “Lawmen” series!



Dylan lowered his head and slowly brought his mouth closer to Belle’s. “I’ve missed you so damned much.”

His kiss was slow and gentle, his lips moving over hers. He nipped at her lower lip, causing her to gasp. She remembered him being a good kisser, but now he kissed like a man with more experience, a man who took what he wanted.

A spike of jealousy shot through her at the thought of him being with other women. It was an irrational thought, but she felt it just the same. Even though she didn’t deserve it, she still wanted to be the only woman he’d ever loved, just like he was the only man she’d ever loved. Every man she’d dated over the years had paled in comparison to her memories of this man, even back when he was so much younger.

She slid her fingers over his cheek and moaned against his lips as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. He tasted so good, of the milkshake he’d been drinking and of the flavor that was uniquely Dylan.

His scent was so familiar, filling her like nothing ever had before. He smelled earthy and masculine, and she hadn’t realized how much she’d missed him until now. No, the truth was she hadn’t let herself think about how much she’d missed him, but her heart and soul always had.

A groan of need swelled inside her. She felt the dampness between her thighs, the ache growing ever more powerful.

He shifted, picking her up and settling her on his lap as he continued to kiss her. He slid his hand into her hair and pulled back so that he could kiss her neck. She gasped at the dominant move that was unfamiliar, but felt so right with him. It was like he was claiming her all over again.

Her chest rose and fell, and small sounds of need escaped her as he moved his mouth to her ear. He rubbed his stubble along her soft skin as he slid his lips to her throat and kissed his way to the hollow.

She inched her hands up his chest and wrapped her arms around his neck as she tilted her head back,

She slid off his lap and off the tailgate so that her feet hit the ground, and moved between his thighs.

He grasped her ass and pulled her close for another kiss. She leaned into him, sighing and sliding her hands to his huge biceps before skimming her fingers over his pectorals and then down the hard plane of his abs.

She liked the way he had filled out over the years, and loved touching him again. She moved her hands further down to his lap. A shiver of desire ran through her as found his belt buckle.

He captured her hands so quickly in his that he caught her off guard. He broke the kiss and braced his forehead against hers. “Don’t play with fire, sweetheart.”

She swallowed. “What if I want to?”

“No.” He said the word firmly. “When I take you, it’s not going to be out in the open at a teenage make out location. You deserved better than that.”

A warm flush traveled through her at his words, “When I take you.” But she’d wanted to give him something before telling him her secret. Once she told him, there no doubt wouldn’t be a next time.

With a sigh she broke free of his grip and wrapped her arms around his neck. “You always were the gentleman.”

He snorted. “Your memory is a little faulty. I seem to remember quite a few times when we went farther than we should have right here.”

She couldn’t help a laugh, but then she sobered. It was time—it wasn’t right to hold back any longer. He might not forgive her for hiding what she’d learned, but somehow she would convince him not to go after Harvey and kill him in retribution for his part in Dylan’s father’s death.

“I—I have something I need to tell you.” She bit her lower lip. “You are going to be so angry with me that you probably won’t want to see me ever again.”

His brow furrowed as he studied her. “You can’t imagine all of the things I’ve seen and heard, and even done over the years. I doubt you could say anything that would make me that upset with you.”

“You’ll change your mind.” She took a deep breath, trying to fight back tears that suddenly burned at the backs of her eyes. “My—”

An explosion rocked the night.

The ground trembled as a brilliant orange glow split the darkness.

Belle whirled around as a fireball reached for the sky.

I hope you enjoyed NO MERCY’s excerpt! You can find the box set for only $8.99:



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ZACK: Armed and Dangerous #FREE #Cowboy for 4 days only!

Today’s Saturday is Sexy has been hijacked by a #Freebie for everyone!

I’m excited to announce that ZACK from the “Armed & Dangerous” series is FREE from Sept. 26th to the 29th! Be sure and get your copy before the #bookgiveaway is over!


ZACK is one of my personal favorites, because:

  • Zack is a cowboy lawman
  • The book takes place in the SE corner of Arizona, where I grew up
  • It was my first cowboy book published (under it’s original title, WILDFIRE) and my second novel published overall
  • As WILDFIRE, this book started the “Western” line at Ellora’s Cave–they had never published a cowboy book before and didn’t know what to do with it. LOL.
  • It’s a love once lost and then found again story
  • Zack is an exceptionally sexy alpha
  • Sky is one hell of a strong woman
  • Romance Reviews Today gave WILDFIRE a “PERFECT 10”
  • AND Cosmopolitan Magazine selected ZACK when it was published with St. Martin’s Griffin. Cosmo adapted ZACK and featured it in their November 2008 issue. (I didn’t recognize the adaptation but it was in there! 🙂 )

Here are the links to your favorite ebook retailers!

ZACK is also FREE in most other countries, including the UK, Canada, and India!

Be sure and check out the other books in the Armed & Dangerous series. All are available for purchase or preorder!

Xarmed & dangerous banner



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Angels of Darkness: CHAINED January 12th, 2016

Join me every day for our daily theme:

  • Mondays On Location
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Golden Donut entries and Freebie Friday #BookGiveaway

It’s the first #FreeBook Friday since my grand blog reopening! I’ll be giving away TWO trade paperback copies of my “Riding Tall” books. But first some fun and then read below on how to enter my book giveaway!


This blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you’re reading this at any location other than my blog, click on the link and come comment here for your chance to win one of two of my signed trade paperback “Riding Tall” books!

On to a little fun! And a look into a twisted mind… (Not Stephen King twisted, but twisted enough. 😉 )

It’s hard to believe it’s been two weeks since the Writer’s Police Academy! As part of the WPA, a yearly “Golden Donut” contest (Get it? LOL) was held. The writer had to pen a story that was *exactly* 200 words (contractions or hyphenated words counted as multiple words, etc.). You didn’t have to attend the WPA to enter, BTW.

The story had to have a beginning, a middle and a TWISTED ending. It also had to be based off of the picture below. I loved this picture–it gave me lots of twisted ideas! I wrote three 200-word entries, which you can read below the link:


I wrote the 3 just because it was FUN. One of my entries made the top 11!

Golden Donut full list including winner and honorable mentions

For fun, here are the three stories I wrote (including the 2 that didn’t place). Again, these are just 200 words each.

This was my favorite of the three that I wrote. One day I will turn this into a book because it really draws me:


My knuckles are swollen, aching, fingers hooked like claws.

Air. Not enough.

Every heartbeat sounds like cannon fire. My vision blurs.

Mist curls around the old sycamore. The morning fog creeps closer to the grave markers.

“These graves have been here for fifty years.”

Hope crowds my throat until it aches. Jack!

I peer through the haze and relief brings tears to my eyes as FBI Agent Jack Brady crouches beside one marker. “But the earth has been disturbed. Recently.”

“Probably kids screwing around.” Agent Eric Jones steps into view. Tension snaps inside me as I bite back a scream. “Playing hide and seek.”

My hands start to fist but my fingers ache too much.

Do not listen, Jack. It was Eric all along.

“Becky is our star witness and a good kid.” Jack got to his feet. “Why the hell did she run?”

A sob strangles me. I did not run.

Eric shrugs. “Got scared. It happens.”

“Not on my watch.” Jack’s grim and haggard expression fades.

My eyes fly open. I am enveloped in pure darkness.

“Jack!” I scream and bang injured fists against the coffin lid. My screams become sobs. “Eric buried me alive.”


My following entry is bizarre and most people didn’t “get it”. LOL They also might be worried for my sanity…


My breath stirred strands of hair from my face before a chill wind teased weeping willows and dry grass surrounding the monuments. I wanted to close my eyes, pretend the graves did not exist, but stark granite with pious crosses would not allow me. They were cool and distant, yet close and cruel, like the masters’ deaths.

Voices cracked the silence like dry lightning. Too harsh, too loud.

My stomach pitched and I melted into tangled foliage. Dead brush scratched my bare legs and arms like stinging claws, and snagged my St. Catherine’s School uniform skirt.

The masters’ favorites reached the markers. Sarah knelt at Master Terrance’s grave. Janice at Master Joshua’s. Both girls lowered their heads and tears wet their cheeks.

I trembled with disgust and almost dropped the Lord’s tool. Sarah and Janice had killed the masters. If they had not gone to the masters’ quarters, the masters would have lived. Spawns of Satan, they stole the masters’ godliness, giving their tarnished souls to the beast.

Satan’s filth would join the masters.

I eased through the brush, moving until I stood behind the girls.

Sarah first.

I raised the knife, filthy with the masters’ dried blood.


This 3rd entry, submitted at the last moment, was the one that made the top 11.


Rain drummed Kate’s umbrella.

Eric. Fred.

Dead. Buried.

Her throat ached from uttering words of thanks as she responded to condolences.

Detective Laramie came last. “So sorry, Kate.” The words carried over rain splattering the earth. “Losing your son and husband within four months… Damn.”

The markers filled her vision. “Thank you, Detective.”

Laramie squeezed her shoulder. “We will find the killer.”

Moments passed before he left her with her memories…

Fred’s snide voice. “You love that little bastard more than me.”

Days later, Eric’s body in the ravine. Her heart shattered, pieces scattered around his broken form.

An accident, they claimed. He had ridden his bike too close to the edge.

A glimpse of Fred’s pleased expression.

Rain stopped and clouds parted. Moonlight brightened the clearing. Had hours passed since the last person left?

When she moved, her stiff joints complained. She placed a stuffed bear on Eric’s marker.

Her chest tightened.

At Fred’s marker, she knelt. Mud coated her fingers and dress hem as she pushed aside soaking earth, making a tiny grave.

Moonlight glinted on metal she withdrew from her purse. She rested the gun in the wet ground.

A mother’s love never died.


NOW WHAT? You may be wondering. She gives us twisted stories, but how are we supposed to win?!?!

EASY. All you have to do is comment below on any of the stories, whether you liked, didn’t like, what you thought, and if you think I belong in an institution after reading these. 😉

Don’t worry–writers ARE strange.

normal ship

TWO winners will be drawn randomly for one of two signed trade paperback copies from my “Riding Tall” series!


So comment away and good luck!


TODAY is the Grand blog reopening, including a big #BookGiveaway!

balloons banner

Join me in celebrating the grand reopening of my blog, and we’re going to start with two giveaways NOW!

Lots of changes in store, including (subject to change just because I might feel like it 😉 ) —

  • On Location Mondays
  • Teaser Tuesdays
  • “What the &%!!?” Wednesdays
  • Something or other Thursday
  • Freebie Friday
  • Sexy Saturday
  • Guest Star Sunday

I will be giving away several PRINT and EBOOKS today! All winners will be chosen randomly tonight, and tomorrow a list will be posted with all the winners.

Our first book giveaway: TWO signed trade paperback copies of ZACK: Armed & Dangerous. The first cover image below is the latest version designed by the incredible Scott Carpenter! This version of the book has NEVER before been available in EBOOK.


The signed giveaway copy is the St. Martin’s Griffin trade paperback edition. It is the same version of the book, just different cover:


For those of you who don’t know the publishing history behind this book, ZACK was originally WILDFIRE with Ellora’s Cave, from the “Wild” series. St. Martin’s Press purchased the print rights only and decided they wanted the following: the series title changed AND each book title changed AND the character names changed AND all the books expanded. So here you go! The first book in the expanded “Wild” series, now known as “Armed & Dangerous!”

The “Armed & Dangerous” series is a 5-book series, NOW including a short novella, ALEX. Formerly titled WILD HEARTS, ALEX has never before been published outside of the “Hearts are Wild” anthology with Ellora’s Cave. Below are all 5 new covers designed by Scott Carpenter. Talk about gorgeous! (And ALEX is just as erotic as the cover implies!).

Xarmed & dangerous banner

LUKE and ZACK are available now at a special price of $2.99 each. CLAY will be released in two days and is up for preorder now. KADE and ALEX can also be preordered. 🙂

For your chance to win one of two signed copies of ZACK, just post a comment below and you may be randomly chosen as the winner!

Good Luck and stay tuned for more giveaways!


Writers’ Police Academy — a fantastic experience #2015WPA

What could be better for a suspense/mystery writer than to get up close and personal, as well as engage in hands-on experience in a law enforcement academy? #2015WPA Writers’ Police Academy was the ticket! Last Thursday through Sunday, 300 writers descended on @FoxValleyTech academy for the training of public safety professionals. It was an amazing opportunity and I am grateful to have been a part of it.

2WAP shirt_Bag2

We started out with our official Writers’ Police Academy shirt and bag and moved on to more fun. I was one of several who won a “lottery” for the opportunity to tour the jail, which was an interesting experience. I never want to see the inside of one from the “other side.” 😉


The next morning in the EMS bay with a great rescue demonstration.

4WPA traffic stops

Our first day was the last day of training for the actual academy trainees. We were able to watch the trainees and talk with the fantastic instructors whenever we had the opportunity.

5WPA J Gilstrap_Bangs_Booms

One of my favorite classes was “Bangs and Booms”, taught by @JohnGilstrap who apparently likes to blow $@&% up as much as I do–fictionally, of course. 🙂


The academy is filled with detailed training elements, including things like an airplane, the “Spill and Rob” gas station–

9aWPA FoxyMotel_ScuzzysBar

and then there’s the Foxy Motel and Scuzzy’s Bar.


We got to do other things, such as learning the best ways to “clear” a room–


in a house filled with small details, like a real home would be–from the family photo on the wall to the baby’s high chair, to the curtains on the kitchen window, and so much more.

I am still wondering about that yellow rotary phone, though. 😉


One of my favorite classes was the SWAT class. The four instructors were awesome.



And cute, too. Well, a little young for some of us, but they were fun. 🙂 The facts we learned were so interesting!

9fWPA_rifleshooting 9fWPA_rifleshooting2

I was one of a few who had the opportunity to have the experience of firing a real law enforcement weapon. It’s one thing to write about it, another to experience it!

WPA fun with friends IMG_4308

Great fun with new friends…



And Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream to top it off. You can’t beat that!

I’m already looking forward to the WPA in 2016!