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CM_BrandedForYou_audioI’m excited to let you all know that the first book in my “Riding Tall” cowboy series, Branded for You, is now available in audiobook!

I will be giving away 5 free copies of the audiobook version of Branded for You to 5 readers who are willing to listen to and review the book! Just leave a comment on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; or retweet or share, and I will do a drawing. 🙂
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Tuesday #Teaser — KADE: Armed and Dangerous

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Today’s Teaser is fromKADE of the Armed and Dangerous series!


Formerly known as WILD BORDERS with Ellora’s Cave, the print rights for KADE were purchased by St. Martin’s Griffin. St. Martin’s had me change all the character names and titles for the former “Wild” series, in case you read the original and were wondering! The first three books were expanded considerably for St. Martin’s, too.

A little more history… KADE was the very first romance I wrote even though it was the 12th published. I was in love with Kade, and Kelsey was a lot like me at the time. Sometimes we put parts of ourselves into our books, and often in little bit and pieces. Kade is the kind of man who could melt a woman’s heart, and Kelsey is a woman who needs a man like Kade. And with that, I give you your Tuesday Teaser. 🙂

KADE: Armed and Dangerous

The sound of voices and laughter in the distance dimmed as the world narrowed, focused, and Kade’s only thoughts were of Kelsey. She stirred against him, and he sucked in his breath as her innocent movement hardened him even more.

“Kelsey,” he said against her forehead. “Do you have any idea what you do to me?” She lifted her face, and he stroked a soft wave of hair away from her eyes.

She smiled. “Tell me.”

He pressed her closer to him. “You can’t feel it?” It was too dark to tell if she blushed, but he would’ve bet she did.

Kelsey bit her lip and then said, “Um, yes. Hard to miss.”

“It certainly is.” Kade raised his eyebrows at the double meaning of her words.

She groaned. “I didn’t mean that. What am I going to do with you?”

“Whatever you want, darlin’, I’m yours.” He cupped her face with his hand, her skin soft and smooth against his palm. The thought of kissing her, holding her, loving her, stoked the fire that burned for her, that heat he knew could consume them both. “It’s been too long since I’ve tasted you.”

Her lips trembled against his thumb as he ran it over her mouth. “Not that long, cowboy.”

“Definitely too long.” Kade moved his thumb from her lips, trailing it over her chin, then along her jaw to her earlobe. She shivered and moved her mouth to his palm, the caress of her lips shooting liquid fire through his veins.

He moved his lips to her ear. “You’re like honey on my tongue.” Kelsey made a sound that could’ve been an answer, or a groan. There was no doubt she’d been hurt in the past, no doubt she was scared of becoming involved in any kind of relationship. Hell, it almost scared him how badly he wanted her. But there was one thing he did know, one thing that was absolutely clear in his mind.

He wanted her for keeps.

Kade kissed the tip of her nose. “Tell me what you want,” he murmured, his voice hoarse with all his pent-up desire for this woman. His woman.

“Kiss me,” she whispered. “Please.”

In a slow, tantalizing movement, he brushed her forehead with his mouth, then trailed kisses over the elegant arch of her eyebrow, down to the tip of her nose again. She trembled as Kade traced her lips with his tongue, teasing one corner until she moaned and parted her lips.

His tongue darted inside, lightly running along the serrated edge of her teeth before slipping deeper into her mouth. Her tongue met his in a tentative movement, as if she was afraid to show him how much she wanted him.

“You taste even better than I remembered,” he rumbled against her lips, then pulled away so that he could look at her.

She moved her palm to his face, and for an endless moment she stroked his cheek and gazed into his eyes. “I lose my head with you. I can’t afford that—I can’t afford to lose myself again.”

Kade kissed the corner of her mouth and moved to her earlobe. “If you get lost, I’ll help you find your way back.” He nipped at her lobe. “I need you, Kelsey. I’m not whole without you.”

“You don’t really know me,” she said, her voice husky. “I barely know you.”

“Give it a chance. That’s all I’m asking.” Kade brought his mouth back to Kelsey’s, kissing her with a fierceness that surprised even him.

This time when she pulled away, she said, “I’ll only be here a short time. That’s not long enough to give anything a chance.”

“Pretend we have all the time in the world.” He brought up one hand and slipped it into her silken blond hair. “Just let go, darlin’.”

“It’s so hard.” She lightly bit her lip and then added, “I’ve only been with one man. And he was the biggest mistake of my life.”

“You were with the wrong man.” Kade clenched his hand in her hair, lightly pulling on it as if that would draw her away from the bad memories and bring her into the present. “What I want you to think about is you and me. Right here, right at this moment in time.”

The moon shone through the oak leaves, shadows and silver beams of light dancing across Kelsey’s features. She gave a tentative smile and whispered, “All right.”

He cupped the back of her head, feeling entirely possessive, and brought her mouth to his. This time she took him with no hesitation, surprising him with how intensely she returned his kiss. This time it was her demanding, her needing, her wanting.

And he wanted to give her everything.


KADE is on preorder at your favorite eBook retailers!

KADE is a complete standalone novel, and the other books in the Armed & Dangerous series do not need to be read to enjoy it. 🙂

Happy reading!