Hidden Prey is Out!

So excited to have Hidden Prey out with Totally Bound! The “Deadly Intent” series is set in my home town and the surrounding area. 🙂

Order your copy from your favorite retailer here!

I hope you enjoy reading Hidden Prey as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Writers’ Police Academy — a fantastic experience #2015WPA

What could be better for a suspense/mystery writer than to get up close and personal, as well as engage in hands-on experience in a law enforcement academy? #2015WPA Writers’ Police Academy was the ticket! Last Thursday through Sunday, 300 writers descended on @FoxValleyTech academy for the training of public safety professionals. It was an amazing opportunity and I am grateful to have been a part of it.

2WAP shirt_Bag2

We started out with our official Writers’ Police Academy shirt and bag and moved on to more fun. I was one of several who won a “lottery” for the opportunity to tour the jail, which was an interesting experience. I never want to see the inside of one from the “other side.” 😉


The next morning in the EMS bay with a great rescue demonstration.

4WPA traffic stops

Our first day was the last day of training for the actual academy trainees. We were able to watch the trainees and talk with the fantastic instructors whenever we had the opportunity.

5WPA J Gilstrap_Bangs_Booms

One of my favorite classes was “Bangs and Booms”, taught by @JohnGilstrap who apparently likes to blow $@&% up as much as I do–fictionally, of course. 🙂


The academy is filled with detailed training elements, including things like an airplane, the “Spill and Rob” gas station–

9aWPA FoxyMotel_ScuzzysBar

and then there’s the Foxy Motel and Scuzzy’s Bar.


We got to do other things, such as learning the best ways to “clear” a room–


in a house filled with small details, like a real home would be–from the family photo on the wall to the baby’s high chair, to the curtains on the kitchen window, and so much more.

I am still wondering about that yellow rotary phone, though. 😉


One of my favorite classes was the SWAT class. The four instructors were awesome.



And cute, too. Well, a little young for some of us, but they were fun. 🙂 The facts we learned were so interesting!

9fWPA_rifleshooting 9fWPA_rifleshooting2

I was one of a few who had the opportunity to have the experience of firing a real law enforcement weapon. It’s one thing to write about it, another to experience it!

WPA fun with friends IMG_4308

Great fun with new friends…



And Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream to top it off. You can’t beat that!

I’m already looking forward to the WPA in 2016!