RS Facebook Party Starts Soon!

Hey everyone! We have 13 authors and a ridiculous amount of books and prizes being given away. Really. Ridiculous. I’m giving away 8 autographed copies of my books and two $25 Amazon gift cards. Who knows what else? And you have 12 other authors doing their best to giveaway everything and the kitchen sink.

Here’s our lineup!

2:30pm EST ~ Gladys Introduction
3:00pm EST ~ Chey McCray
3:30pm EST ~ Paige Tyler
4:00pm EST ~ Tee O’Fallon
4:30pm EST ~ Anne Marie Becker
5:00pm EST ~ Sandy Wright
5:30pm EST ~ Carolyn Crane
6:00pm EST ~ Mandy Harbin
6:30pm EST ~ Chey McCray
7:00pm EST ~ Jessie Lane
7:30pm EST ~ Calista Fox
8:00pm EST ~ Susan Stoker
8:30pm EST ~ Sharon Hamilton
9:00pm EST ~ Parker Kincade
9:30pm EST ~ Megan Mitcham
10:00pm EST Gladys Closes the Party Out

Join us at

RS celebration Header.jpg

Come help me blow sh** up! 😀

See you soon,



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